Employment Facilitation Services
The BLE promotes full employment through facilitation and enhancement of the access of jobseekers to decent and gainful employment opportunities.

Technical Supervision and Assistance to PESOs
The Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) nationwide are under the technical supervision of the BLE through the DOLE Regional Offices. As a conduit of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the local government units (LGUs) on employment service, the functions of the PESO are to provide:

  • labor market information (LMI);
  • career guidance and employment coaching;
  • referral and placement to local and overseas jobs;
  • self-employment opportunities; and
  • training and capability-building.

PhilJobNet is an internet-based job and applicant matching system which aims to advance jobseekers’ search for jobs and employers’ search for manpower. It can be accessed through The National Skills Registry is lodged at PhilJobNet.

Job Fairs
This is an employment facilitation strategy aimed to fast-track the meeting of jobseekers and employers/local and overseas recruitment agencies in one venue at a specific date to minimize cost, time, and effort particularly on the part of job applicants.

DOLE Job Search Kiosk
The employment kiosk is an information portal designed to provide information on labor market and livelihood opportunities to the public for free. They are found in selected malls, LGUs, and other strategic and popular places.



The BLE endeavors to ensure effective recruitment and placement as well as to protect the welfare of Filipino workers and jobseekers.

Local Employment Regulation
This is a program which regulates the participation of private individuals and entities in the recruitment and placement of workers for local employment. This program is directed by the rules and regulations governing Private Recruitment and Placement for local employment.

Alien Employment Regulation
This program was designed to safeguard the interest of Filipino workers through the development of standards and guidelines to regulate the employment of foreign nationals in the country, as provided for under Article 40 of the Labor Code of the Philippines.

Technical Assistance in International Trade Agreement on Movement of Natural Person
The Bureau takes the lead in the formulation of comments, position paper, and schedule of commitment on movement of natural persons in multi-lateral, regional, and bilateral trade agreements.



The BLE undertakes research, analysis, dissemination, and advocacy of information relative to the functioning of the labor market for various end users such as policymakers, planners, researchers, jobseekers, and students.

Labor Market Information Research and Publications
Labor Market Information (LMI) describes the interaction between the supply of and demand for labor in the market. Furthermore it presents and interprets how a labor market is functioning, and identifies available labor resources, employment opportunities, and other related information such as wage rates, qualifications, employment conditions, etc. The Bureau issues various regular LMI publications such as Labor Market Monitor, Labor Market Updates and Job Ads; and special publications such as Labor Market Trends, Career Pamphlets, and Industry Career Guides.

Career Guidance and Employment Coaching
As an integral function of employment service, the BLE through the PESOs and Network of Guidance Counselors (NGCs), provides career guidance and employment coaching to students and graduates of secondary education. LMI on the available occupations in the next ten years helps the students arrive at a more intelligent career choice and build their future careers.