Job Description

Engineers assigned at the Process Engineering Department are responsible for investigating Machine and Quality Trouble/Abnormality and formulate preventive/corrective action. Some of their duties include daily checking of Equipment operations, review operation records, propose improvement activities for machine/quality and loss cost, and summarize reports related to Yield, Efficiency, Multiskilling and Manpower Development.

Additional potential responsibilities: Coordinates with other departments if the system improvement flows well.

1) Job Type: Full Time Employment
2) Work Schedule: Monday to Friday work week. Saturday and Sunday are normal day-offs. Work on Rest days are considered OT on RD unless they are for swap to another day; Morning / Day shift work only.
3) Work Location: Willing to work in CLARKFIELD, PAMPANGA (near the Medical City Clark and Polymer Link; search Google Maps for Nanox Philippines Inc. - N2)
4) Work Culture: Comfortable working with Japanese and Filipino employees
5) Language: Comfortable using English and Tagalog
6) Other Considerations: Failure to do assigned tasks may lead to downtime to Company Operations, which will then result in losses.


1) Education: Industrial Engineering*, Electronics Engineering**, Mechanical Engineering graduates. Other related Engineering courses can be considered if with related work experience.
*not required to be Certified
**not required to be Registered
2) Work Experience: With related work experience is an advantage
3) Microsoft: Proficient with using MS Excel, and Powerpoint.
4) Soft skills: With strong analytical judgment; is very communicative and sociable; mentally alert and observant.

Work location



Upon Probationary status:(approximately, and as per labor laws, 6 months):
  • Access to medical services to our Clinic
  • Access to use company Basketball Court
  • Free Company Bus services
  • Access to Canteen / Food Concessionaires
  • Use of Lockers (Uniform and Shoes)
  • Free First issuance of uniform and shoes
Upon Regularization Status:
  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Card Coverage: For Self and Dependents (if any)
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Dental Services
  • Optometrist Eye Services
  • Upon one (1) year from hiring: Earning of leave credits (VL and SL); unused leaves are convertible to cash
  • Company Loan
  • Retirement and Early Retirement Plan
  • Participation in Company outings, sports fest and other recreational activities
  • Undergo numerous work-related trainings and seminars (in-house and external, or webinar)

Recruitment Process:

  • You will be sent an e-mail invitation for a video call interview over Microsoft Teams; phone interview will be a last resort. It will be for 30 minutes in consideration of limitations of data usage in an area.
  • Afterwards, you will be sent a link to an online examination. Follow the instructions of the e-mail and complete the tests as much as possible.
  • Another message will be sent, via e-mail or text, if you are qualified for an interview with the supervisor/manager of the open position. Likewise, you will be informed if you are not ready to be part of the team.
  • When you are recommended to be hired, the HR representative will contact you regarding the pre-employment requirements, offered contract, and the like.
Best of luck and have a healthy day!
About the company

Nanox Philippines, Inc. (a manufacturing subsidiary of Japan Display Group, Inc.) is a manufacturer of custom designed products such as LCD panels, LCD modules Monochrome LCDs, small and medium LCDs with integrated system of production from LCD panels to LCD module assembly. It also produc...



Employment size

200 and over (Large)

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