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Coordination and Compliance

  • Ability to commission, deploy and monitor the effectiveness of financial and accounting team members and counterparts in other departments to ascertain proper task or responsibilities allocation and delegation.
  • Coordinates system-wide accounting and financial reporting needs and policies and regular closing of books to meet internal and external financial reporting timelines.
  • Lead projects to improve the accounting and financial reporting, and ensure that the Company’s system and platform implementation adheres to the current business and operational-wide business needs and is in compliance with the accounting standards.
  • Works hand-in-hand with the senior and top management on issues and improvements across the finance landscape of the Company business in order to ensure entity-level controls and integrity.

Asset Management

  • Oversee timely physical asset counts validate accuracy and existence of
  • Company's assets against accounting records and to mitigate risk related to these assets.
  • Review proper standard accounting and policies to record and track transactions related to the Company fixed assets and inventory as well as the database reports (e.g., lapsing, project reports) of these assets, in order to provide accurate and complete monitoring and reporting of the Company’s actual capital expenditures on these assets.
  • Quality Control Over Financial Transactions and Financial


  • Acts as the Company’s accounting & tax business partner within the group, to other departments/other entities, and to other third parties to support accounting and tax compliance of the Company’s transactions.
  • Review general ledger reconciliations, account analysis, position and results, supplemental schedules, and other accounting data to present accurate and complete financial statements and other schedules in accordance with current reporting standards and corporate policies.

Accounting System Maintenance

  • Monitor the overall accounting systems functionality and any improvements to ensure that the accounting and other technology platforms that meet the complexity of the Company’s operations, size, and the management's informational needs and ensure business efficiency.

Strategic Financial Planning and Monitoring

  • Supports company-wide design of business plans, forecasts, financial modeling, and budget process to ensure effective financial and strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Conducts organizational-wide reviews of financial information, interpret actual results to identify and evaluate current operational effectiveness and status, and assists in precise reviews of projected financial information.

Performance measure and development process

  • Create, monitor, assist or lead competency analysis and assessment of team members within the group and other departments to promote alignment of individuals, group-wide and company-wide goals and objectives.
  • Lead and contribute to the group-wide and company-wide development plan through identifying the most suitable experiences, learning, and coaching to promote individual and Group competency potential.


The position is responsible for supervising, directing, and driving the overall financial reporting activities of the company with the objective of ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the financial and management reports, the appropriate recording and recognition of all the transactions in the company’s books, in accordance with the current financial reporting standards and interpretations, and the timely submission of the financial and management reports, to both internal and external users.


  • Bachelor’s/College Degree in Accountancy
  • Professional License - CPA
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience in audit, accounting, and taxation
  • Proficiency and mastery of the accounting standards, applicable rules, and regulations
  • Demonstrated ability to understand business context and processes to identify risks

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Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc. is the fastest-growing and only pure-play high-speed fiber broadband provider in the Philippines today.



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