100 - 199 (Medium)


OPEC was established in 2010.04 with the purpose of undertaking the BPO business of a Japanese construction-related company in Makati.
We established the Davao branch in 2013 and the Bacolod branch in 2018, and currently have 150 employees.
Among them, the Bacolod branch has 70 staff active.
OPEC's main customers are 15 companies, including Japanese construction-related manufacturers and housing companies.
Half of them are listed companies, and half are the best housing companies in the area.
OPEC regularly plans and conducts training in Japan for particularly excellent staff.
Even more excellent staff provide opportunities to work in Japan, such as transfer to Japan.
Currently, one person is working in Tokyo, and this is the fifth year.
All of our work is related to the Japanese construction industry, so I think it is a company suitable for the following students.
What they have in common is that they use Japanese software and Excel on their PCs, so basically people who are good at PC operations are suitable.
 On that premise.
① Applicants who are interested in Japanese work and culture
② Applicants interested in the Japanese construction industry
③ Applicants who are interested in Japanese CAD system
④ Applicants who are learning Japanese, are good at it, or want to learn it
I think it is a workplace where such students can work happily.
In actual work, I think it takes about 3 years on average to learn Japanese work.
Unfortunately, those who cannot complete the three-year training period (study period) and those who give up on the way have not been able to get a chance as a CAD engineer.
By properly and completely understanding the mission statement of our company, we can learn the way of thinking of an OPEC employee.
The company's way of thinking can all be understood in this mission statement.
Appreciation “Dealing today's task with a thankful”. The work that you are doing today is something that someone else had worked hard for. Without that someone you wouldn't be able to work. We should be aware that if you lose your job, if the company collapses, we will not be paid. If you can understand this, you will be able to show gratitude to your work and work effectively. It is important to have gratitude when you say these. Let's work hard with a thankful heart!
Innovation “Progress is a continuous change, let us be aware that it is the way to survive”. As time changes, work also constantly continues to change. OPEC's clients also change. In other words, internal innovation at OPEC is dependent on your work. For that reason, many changes will occur in daily tasks as well. For us to survive, we should continue to grow and change just like our clients.
Co-creation “Let us all work hand in hand to create”. OPEC's work consists of cooperation between OPEC employees and cooperation of many Japanese parties and other stakeholders in Japan. It is not a job that can be completed with the power of solely one person. Construction work is done through the power and hard work of a lot of people. We must work on our day-to-day tasks with the spirit of co-creation, knowing that we cannot do good work unless we are able to help each other.

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