Q: What is the PhilJobNet?

A: PhilJobNet (PJN) is an internet-based job and applicant matching system which aims to fast track jobseekers search for jobs and employers search for manpower. It provides jobseekers with a listing of job vacancies posted by employers and manpower recruitment agencies, and the employers with a registry of skills available in the market as indicated by the details provided by the PJN registered applicants.

Q: What are the new features of E-PJN?

A: The E-PJN has introduced the following new features and functionalities:

a) facility for the employer to invite registered job applicants for job interview on a desired date and option to print applicant's profile;
b) capability to upload applicant’s profi le picture, company’s logo and documentary requirements;
c) facility to retrieve or reset forgotten password;
d) made job matching more fl exible by allowing users to modify fi lters such as specifi c job requirements and applicant qualifi cations;
e) provided an option for the applicants to apply online; and
f) view top hiring companies.

Q: Who are qualified to register in the E-PJN?

A: Jobseeker: Any individual looking for a job who is at least 15 years old may register as a job applicant in the PhilJobNet. Employer/Establishment: Any establishment/employer duly recognized by Philippine business authorizing agencies and with existing Tax Identification Number (TIN) can register in the PhilJobNet. Any person of legal age duly authorized by the company.

Q: Do I have to pay to register at PhilJobNet?

A: No, PhilJobNet service is FREE of charge for both job applicants and establishments.

Q: What if I don’t have an e-mail account or a computer with internet to access the PhilJobNet?

A: Jobseekers may visit the nearest Public Employment Service Offi ce (PESO) usually located at the municipality/city/provincial hall in their area to assist them in registration, job search, and referral.

Q: How do I retrieve my forgotten password?

A: To retrieve your forgotten password, you can use the Reset Password utility located at the log-in page. Look for the hyperlink “Forgot password” and click it to display the Reset Password page.

Q: I’ve been registered before in the old PhilJobNet, do I need to register again in the new PhilJobNet?

A: Yes. All users are required to sign up using a valid and active e-mail address to be used as unique user account, for email notification purposes, and for password retrieval in case of forgotten password.

Q: How long does PhilJobNet system keep my record?

A: Jobseekers’ record will remain active for 30 days from the last day they updated their profi le. PJN system will send an automated notification through e-mail or SMS five (5) days before the expiration period to remind the registrant to update his/her profile.

Q: What is the shelf life of a job vacancy posted in the E-PJN?

A: Job vacancy will be posted in the E-PJN for 30 days.

Q: What if I can’t fi nd the necessary information?

A: Please use the “Contact Us” under the “Helpful Quick Links” while you are logged in to inform the E-PJN System Administrator about your concern.

Q: How do I get help in navigating the PhilJobNet?

A: To find more detailed information on how to use the PJN, you may refer to the PJN Quick Reference Guide. For general or basic questions about day-to-day use, you may use the “Contact Us”, send a message using Live Chat located at the bottom right of this webpage.


Q: Where can we submit the documentary requirements for accreditation?

A: Documentary requirements must be submitted online using the document submission facility during the registration of company's information.

Q: Why should I submit an “Authority to Represent"?

A: For the purpose of proper identification of legitimate company’s representative and prevent false claim, you are required to submit an “Authority to Represent” signed by the company’s authorized signatory.

Q: What are the requirements before an establishment/employer can post job vacancies and view prospective candidates’ profi le?

A: Establishments wanting to post job vacancies and search for prospective candidates must submit the following documentary requirements for them to be considered ‘accredited’ and thereby proceed with posting and viewing of information in the portal:

  1. BIR Certifi cate of Registration (BIR Form 2303); and
  2. Any of the following documents, as applicable:
    a). Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration (for partnership or corporation);
    b). Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Registration (for single proprietorship);
    c). Certificate from Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) (for cooperative);
    d). DOLE License for Private Recruitment and Placement Agency (PRPA) (for local employment);
    e). DOLE Registration on Contractors/ Subcontractors; and
    f). POEA License (for Overseas Recruitment and Placement Agency).

Q: Our company has been accredited from the old version of Phil-JobNet. Do we need to re-submit the required documents for accreditation?

A: No. Records from the old Phil-JobNet version were migrated to the enhanced version. However, if the establishment’s TIN is found to be erroneous, the establishment’s authorized representatives are required to submit the BIR Form 2303 for verifi cation.

Q: The PhilJobNet system displays “Establishment with matching TIN already exists. What shall I do?

A: In case record of establishment already exists in the database, the establishment’s authorized representative may proceed to the next step which is the “Establishment Contact.” Select “Establishment Contact” from the “Establishment” top navigation menu.

Q: How can I post job vacancies?

A: To avail the free job posting service and view prospective candidates’ profi le, click the “Vacancy Posting” under the “Vacancy” sub-menu of “Establishment” top navigation menu. Select “Encode new vacancy” from the “Select Activity” page then click the “Submit” button. In case these menus are not available, you possibly do not have the accredited establishment represented and approved establishment associated. You may visit or contact the nearest DOLE Regional/Field Offi ce.

Q: I’m a representative of an establishment, how can I exclude my profi le in job matches?

A: Log-in to the E-PJN website using your registered e-mail address and password. Select “Personal Settings” under the “Profi le” top navigation menu to display the General Settings page. At the left navigation menu, click the “As Applicant” tab to view available settings. Uncheck the tick box that corresponds to “Include me in job matches” and “Send job offers via email” then click the Save button. This will temporarily hide the “Job Applicant” top navigation menu.