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Food and beverage supervisors are generally responsible for all of the business operations of a dining establishment. Duties typically include interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling and managing employees, as well as overseeing inventory, including food and beverages, supplies and other restaurant equipment.

  • Work Experience: 2 year/s and 24 month/s
  • Salary: ₱23,000 - ₱23,700
  • Women
  • Highschool Graduates

Restaurant shift leaders are typically tasked with recruiting and training staff and making sure their employees are motivated to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Inevitably, this can sometimes involve having to discipline or even dismiss employees who perform poorly or are guilty of misconduct. A shift manager who has some level of creative input into the food a restaurant serves might also work with her chef to formulate menus.

Shift leaders are often be charged with monitoring stock levels and placing orders with suppliers for the replenishment of ingredients and drinks. They must be able to source quality ingredients at low prices and ensure they don't over-order. Any ingredients that have to be trashed at the end of the day can seriously eat into a restaurant's margins.

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