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Job Vacancy: Warehouseman

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  • Assist shipping and receiving unloading trucks and checking in merchandise
  • Prepare orders by processing requests and supply orders
  • Sort and place materials or items on racks, shelves or in bins according to organizational standards
  • Maintains inventory controls by collecting stock location orders, printing request, recording amounts of materials or items received or distributed through a computer. Counting of physical inventory.
  • Maintains safe and clean work environment by keeping shelves and work stations neat.
  • Organize warehouse and work area for orderliness at all times.

  • Work Experience: 3 year/s
  • Salary: ₱9,000 - ₱11,000
  • Women
  • Highschool Graduates

  • College level 
  • Reliable and organized

  • Meaningful warehousing experience 

  • Can work with minimal supervision