Job Vacancy: Staff Nurse

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< !--[if !supportLists]-->1       <!--[endif]-->Plans and gives comprehensive quality care to patients according to their individual needs.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->2       <!--[endif]-->Observes, assesses, reports and records symptoms and conditions of patients.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->3       <!--[endif]-->Administers medication treatments and other procedures, and observes patient to the procedures.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->4       <!--[endif]-->Bathes and feeds moderately ill patients; assists with others.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->5       <!--[endif]-->Feeds patient through nasogastric tube.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->6       <!--[endif]-->Supervises the care given by the nursing auxiliaries.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->7       <!--[endif]-->Participates in providing for the spiritual welfare of patients.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->8       <!--[endif]-->Assists physicians in administering highly specialized therapy and performing complicated procedures.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->9       <!--[endif]-->Assists in patient education, rehabilitation, including physical and mental health.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Participates actively in committee work and in studies for the improvement of nursing care within assigned unit.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->As the team leader, assumes responsibility for the quality of nursing care given by his/ her team members.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Substitutes for the charge nurse when so delegated.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Assists in the orientation and evaluation of personnel.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Participates in the activities of the Nursing Service Department.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Cooperates with the charge nurse in promoting and maintaining a clean, orderly environment conducive to the optimum comfort and safety of the patient.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Prepares patient physically for treatments, operations and diagnostic studies.

< !--[if !supportLists]-->1 .  <!--[endif]-->Performs other functions and responsibilities which may be assigned by the immediate superior.


  • Salary: ₱12,500 - ₱15,000
  • Women

  • Can work well with others
  • Initiative and resourceful

  • Can be assigned to ward or to special areas such as ICU, ER, Medical-Surgical, Chemical Dependents' Control and Rehabilitation and etc.

  • Willing to be trained
  • Can work well in a team or with less supervision after training