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Direc Business Technologies Inc is looking for people who will help us maintain good relationship qwith existing clients,  understand customer needs and develop business plans and programs to facilitate the attainment of goals and quotas, promote high-quality sales, supply and customer service support, Address customer concerns promptly and professionally by participating and/or initiating meetings and product/service demonstrations or responding to electronic correspondences, ensure that customer requests are handled timely and accurately, negotiate agreements and keep records of sales data, work within the Sales, Implementation and Support teams for the achievement of customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and long-term account goals in line with company vision and values.

  • Work Experience: 2 year/s and 6 month/s
  • Salary: ₱16,000 - ₱30,000
  • Women

 Love to travel? You'll like it here! Has good and excellent communication skills? You are what we need. 

Direc is need of people who has excellent communication skills, Has a background in any ERP System? You're what we're looking for!

Can work with minimum supervision? You can work with us.