Job Vacancy: Sales Personnel / Beauty Consultant

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? ? Greet customers at the store and provide them with information on their required products
? ? Lead customers to desired shelves or aisles and assist them in locating products
? ? Explain product features and benefits by performing demonstrations and answer any questions that customers may have
? ? Provide information regarding prices and after sales services and ways in which the latter can be obtained
? ? Suggest additional products in a bid to meet the company’s and self-sales targets
? ? Assist customers in making decisions regarding suitable purchases based on their specific likes
• Lead customers through the payment process by assisting cashiers with discount information and markdowns

  • Salary: ₱600 - ₱600
  • Women
  • Highschool Graduates
  • Displaced Workers(Local)

  •  Product Knowledge
  • Strategic Prospecting Skills
  • Active Listening

  • Time Management

- 21 to 40 years old
- Male or Female
- atleast h.s graduate
- willing to work with foreigners

A commission-only compensation plan is the best way to pay sales reps. The best method being a straight percentage of the sales price. There are a few different ways to handle this, however, most sales reps prefer a commission based on a percentage the sales price.

If there are no fixed sales prices involved, a company might go with a percentage of gross margin.It is worth pointing out that independent sales reps are in fact independent. As a non-employee, they don’t have much stake in what the price of a product is. In fact, a higher price may interfere with their goal of selling as many items as quickly as possible.