Mercedes-Benz Group Services Phils., Inc.

Job Vacancy: Senior Accountant, Accounts Receivable (Night Shift)

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• Perform assigned tasks in quality and time and support their responsible in his/her functions.
o Execution of the daily  & weekly  invoicing
o Analyzing, resolving issues/errors occurred during invoicing process
o Cancellation of sales order, invoices per request by customer
o Communication and coordination with other functions for any invoicing related issues and doubts.
o Daily checking of eTicket and process manual invoicing
o Prepare weekly and monthly numbering control and monitor and follow of skips

• Daily business operations, transactional operations, posting and other accounting tasks and process; filtering of invoices for requirements control.
o Processing of daily cash allocation/posting of payments and clearing Transitory & customer’s account
o Analyzing of all the data reflected in the Transitory Account; for AR, AP & GL
o Communicate to customer/MPC asking for the payment details and confirmation of the payments to be booked
o Make proposals for the clearing of the open items in Transitory against Customer invoices
o Communicate and coordinate to AP  & GL Team to some of the unidentified items for clearing

• Execution of diverse accounting activities and clearing of diverse accounts: Processing and monitoring of Direct Debits.

• Identify and communicate to responsible parties necessary process updates. Participate in process documentation and participate in knowledge exchange according to set standards.
• Directs, oversees and participates in the development of the team’s Work Plan; assigns work activities, projects and programs; monitors work flow; reviews and evaluates work products, methods and procedures.
• Evaluates operations and activities of assigned responsibilities; recommends improvements and modifications; prepares various reports on operations and activities.

  • Work Experience: 4 year/s and 5 month/s
  • Salary: ₱0 - ₱1
  • Women

  • Degree in business administration or similar degree (lower educational levels will be taken into consideration in case accounting experience for at least 2 years was provided)

  • Basic level and  some experience in Excel (Knowledge, experience and application)
  • Basic level and  some experience in Office Tools (Knowledge, experience and application of MS Office tools, other project tools,  Visio)
  • Knowledge in web-based tools.
  • Basic knowledge on accounting systems (SAP).

  • Knowledge the entire accounting process and the interdependencies with other accounting processes

?         Theoretical knowledge in customer orientation (Ability to meet customer demands without bringing the company into disadvantage)

?         Ability for learning accounting tasks

?         Ability for team-work and communication skills with colleagues and supervisor.

?         Communication skills for operational purposes (other SSC areas and the MPCs)

Quality-minded professional and high self-demanding approach for daily work tasks fulfillment.