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   1. To ensure dealership compliance with all applicable Environmental Laws.
   2. To manage the dealership energy conservation, chemicals usage and waste minimization programs.
   3. To act as the person-in-charge for TCM and TMP requirements for DERAP.
   4. To prepare a comprehensive environment Plan (annual and long-term) for the dealership.
   5. To promote environmental awareness to dealer team members.
   6. To develop marketing programs in relation to environmental protection.

  • Work Experience: 3 year/s
  • Salary: ₱15,000 - ₱18,000
  • Women

1. Basic Pollution Control Officer Training (40 hours).
2. PCO accreditation by DENR/LLDA.

General requirements for all candidates:  
*Candidate must be a 4 year course graduate.  
*Well oriented in dealing and communicating with people.
*With experience in an automotive industry is a plus.  
*Must be willing to work in Quezon City area.  

Detailed Job Description and Responsibilities
   1. Compliance to Philippine Laws and Regulations - preparation, application and acquisition, review of permits and 
renewal is necessary, of mandatory permits and certificates compliant to the following regulations.
     a. PD 1586 - Environmental Compliance Certificate.
     b. RA 8749 - Clean Air Act
        c. RA 9275 - Clean Water Act
        d. RA 9003 - Ecological Solid Waste Management Act
        e. RA 6969 - Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act
        f. DAO 92-26 - Appointment of Accredited Pollution Control Officer.
        g. DAO 92-29 - Hazardous Waste Generator ID, Transport and Treatment Requirements.
        h. DAO 03-27 - Self Monitoring Report.
   2. Energy Conservation and CO2 Reduction Emission Management.
        a. Consolidation of Daily Monitoring of electricity consumption.
        b. Monitoring of fuel consumption of equipment (generator set, oven paint booth) and company vehecles.
        c. Plan and implement programs to improve dealer energy consumption efficiency.
   3. Water Conservation and Wastewater Minimization Management.
        a. Consolidation of Daily monitoring of electricity consumption.
        b. Quarterly monitoring of wastewater parameters.
        c. Management of water pollution control devices i.e. Sewerage Treatment Plant and/or Oil-water.
        d. Plan and implement programs to improve dealer water consumption efficiency.