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Job Vacancy: Marketing Manager

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Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities. Showcasing a company in a positive light, showing why clients should get service and drawing in a targeted audience to consider company products and services.

- Managing all marketing for the company and activities within the marketing department.
- Managing Social Media activities (such as FB, IG, Web Live Chat, Google Chat and any other similar forms of advertisement online and offline)
- In-charge of/supervise New Patient Support Center (Call Center-88 CHIRO)
- Overseeing the company’s marketing budget.
- Creation and publication of all marketing material in line with marketing plans.
- Planning and implementing promotional campaigns.
- Manage and improve lead generation campaigns, measuring results.
- Overall responsibility for brand management and corporate identity
- Preparing online and print marketing campaigns.
- Monitor and report on the effectiveness of marketing communications.
- Creating a wide range of different marketing materials.
- Working closely with operations department and assisting with new product launches.
- Maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.
- Analyzing potential strategic partner relationships for company marketing.
- Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business
- Researching and reporting on external opportunities
- Understanding current and potential customers
- Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management)
- Management of the marketing mix
- Ensuring timely delivery
- Writing copy
- Approving images created by Graphics Artists
- Developing guidelines
- Making customer-focused decisions.

  • Work Experience: 3 year/s
  • Salary: ₱30,000 - ₱35,000
  • Women

Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills