Job Vacancy: Store Manager

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Responsible for the achievement of store objectives and operations business targets through efficient,

effective and innovative leadership.

  • Work Experience: 3 year/s
  • Salary: ₱16,000 - ₱18,000
  • Women

1. 100% achievement of store sales plan through timely and proper planning and

communication with key support groups and consistent implementation of corporate and

store initiatives on sales building and sales growth. Provides feedback/updates to team its

sales performance and generates recommendation and intervention on how to effectively

implement selling strategies

2. Recommends the stores budget and ensures that such is met. This pertains to budget on

major operating costs through monitoring and implementation of cost efficient initiatives at

all times, involving specific support groups as needed for the successful implementation of

cost savings measures

3. Timely and consistent monitoring and implementation of inventory management service

level indicators to ensure accuracy of inventory.

4. Ensures customer service audit (SMRT) is achieved by being personally available and

prompt in attending to all customers needs.

5. Directly supervises all store personnel including the Inventory Controller, Senior Cashier,

Stockman, Cashiers and Sales Associates. Carries out responsibilities in accordance with

the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring,

and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance;

rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Specifically, it carries out the following managerial responsibilities:

• Planning-forecasting needs, prepares actual plans, and budgets and arranges time

schedule; develop policies and simplified procedures.

• Organizing- maintains coordination of activities across level through sound structure,

delegation, and regular interaction between and among group of employees; Leadingdevelops

high performing employees with full awareness and support to vision and core

values of ESSI through rational decision making, training, and coaching, opening

communication channels like regular meeting and discussion, selection and employee


• Controlling- sets performance goals and standards to measure actual performance and

determine performance plans; monitors SOP compliance and company directives

• Administrative /Building Management- ensures consistency in quality and accuracy in the

documents and reports prepared and submitted by stores, monitors payment of bills,

permits, and licenses, building, maintenance, etc. through the ASMs.

Sales Information Proficiency

Sales Data Analysis & Problem Solving

Sales Building Needs Analysis



P&L Proficiency

Inventory Management & Control

Labor Cost Management & Productivity

Utilities Management & Control

Customer Service Customer Service Standards Mastery

Customer Service Monitoring System, Feedback Management, & Review


Quality Management System



Hiring & Selection

C&B Implementation

Orientation, Training, and Employee Development

Employee Relations/Labor Relations

Performance Management

Marketing Market Intelligence

Financial Analysis

Brand Expansion

Performance Appraisal


Supervised and monitor all operation

Retail Sales

Strategic Plan

With less supervision of Area Manager and Regional Manager