The BUREAU OF LOCAL EMPLOYMENT (BLE) is a staff bureau of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) which consists of three main units, namely, (1) Employment Service Programs Management Division; (2) Employment Service Policies and Regulations Division; and (3) Labor Market Information, Research, and Career Guidance Advocacy Division, with inter-related functions to promote full employment and to undertake programs that facilitate the employment of the Filipino workforce.

In 1974, Presidential Decree (PD) No. 442 enacted the Labor Code of the Philippines which became effective in serving as the guiding principle of the government in the areas of employment promotion and manpower development, welfare and labor standards protection for the workers. The PD created the Bureau of Employment Services (BES) for local and overseas employment. The BES was a line bureau composed of 42 Public Employment Offices (PEOs), with 16 Labor Market Information Units (LMIUs). Executive Order (EO) No. 797 was issued in 1982 reorganizing the DOLE and establishing the BLE which absorbed the local employment functions of the BES and all the functions of the Bureau of Apprenticeship. BLE is a staff bureau and all line functions were decentralized to the regional offices of the DOLE in 1987. In 1994, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) was created which absorbed the apprenticeship functions of the BLE. Eleven (11) personnel of the Bureau were transferred to TESDA. Republic Act (RA) No. 8759 was enacted in 1999 institutionalizing a National Facilitation Service Network through the establishment of Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) in every province, key cities and other strategic areas. The administration of the PESOs is lodged with the BLE.

BLE is the center of excellence in employment service in Asia.
BLE is well managed, dynamic and people-oriented organization.
Towards this end:

  • We facilitate local employment through computerized PESO network nationwide;
  • We are committed to provide fast and effective employment service to jobseekers and other clients;
  • We influence policy makers and planners with accurate, timely and reliable labor market information;
  • We are well-trained, capable, highly competent and committed employment service officers; and
  • We work harmoniously together as high performing team.

BLE shall promote full employment by facilitating access of Filipino jobseekers to local employment opportunities through policy researches, standards setting, strategy development, labor market analysis and provision of technical assistance to regional implementers in support of employment service operations.

  1. Develops and monitors the implementation of a National Employment Plan in coordination with social partners
  2. Formulates and recommends policies, standards and procedures to regulate and supervise private sector participation in the recruitment and placement of workers for local employment
  3. Formulates and recommends policies, standards and procedures to regulate employment of foreign nationals as well as address international, regional and bilateral trade negotiations
  4. Maintains a national network of Public Employment Services Offices (PESOs)
  5. Develops responsive employment guidance and counseling policies, programs and institutions in aid of proper human resource allocation
  6. Maintains an effective and efficient labor market information system
  7. Maintains a central registry of skills and job vacancies