The Importance of having a One-Page Resume

The simple reason behind this is that most Recruiters are busy profiling hundreds or even thousands of applicants and that they don't have the time to read every resume one by one. As a result, they spend only a few seconds checking each resume. This is where your One-Page Resume can stand out.

You wouldn't want to miss out on a job opportunity just because Recruiters failed to see your qualifications due to a lengthy resume, would you?

This is what you can do to condense your resume:

Make it Relevant
Tailor-fit information that is listed on your resume. Only include informtaion that is related to the job that you are applying for. This will make you a strong candidate in the eyes of all the Recruiters that will read it.

Strip clean your Resume
Trim down your resume by not putting unnecessary information that can be referenced online. Make it as simple and as readable as possible. All data and information should be as concise as possible so Recruiters can immediately skills and experience needed for the job. If you already have an account in LinkedIn, it's already an extension of your resume so you can include all the lengthy details of your work experience in there instead.

Use Keywords
There are specific keywords in every industry and you need to include those keywords in your particular field. You need to do a bit of research on which keywords to include on your resume that is industry specific, especially if it applies to the current work you're applying for. Most recruiters would go through their resume search platform to sort candidates using these keywords. For example, if you're applying as a merchandiser- include keywords such as retail, supermarket, store, inventory, sale, stock etc. if you managed to have experience in all of these. This can be placed under each job description or skills with a statement like:

Product Merchandiser in ABC Corporation
>In charge of providing retail support in a large supermarket.
>Provided inventory and stock reporting on a daily basis.

Online Resume
Upload or create your online resume. Make it viewable by the Recruiter who has the link for your online resume. After all, you don't want everybody to see your information. It's a good idea to create your online resume on Google shared documents, just make sure that it's only viewable by people who have your link and do not post this in public groups. Send it privately to desired viewers.

Include Links (which are relevant to your application)
You may use link shortener services such as or to link to other projects or . Remember to put only one link on your resume for your additional information and you could put it in the reference section near the bottom.

Once recruiters take notice of your resume, all of your links and references will be checked. But including this information most of the time lengthens your resume. Instead of including it at the bottom of your resume, put it a shortened link instead- pointing towards another Google document.
Make sure that the link is accurate so you don't waste the opportunity to cite references.

Recruiters are extremely busy because they need to accomplish many tasks and they also need to fill their talent requirement. They go through a lot of applicants before they can successfully hire someone. With that in mind, your One-Page Resume is a job-hunting tool that you cannot live without. Having a one-page resume is a great idea because you not only will be able to condense and trim down the valuable information on your resume, you will also be able to capture the interests of all Recruiters that gets to read it.

PhilJobNet also provides a service which allows jobseekers to have their own Resume Page, for more details on how you can make your own, you may read it here.