Job Vacancy: Cashier

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Responsible for the accurate cash handling, proper documentation, and implementation of cashier function to ensure prompt service so as to avoid customer complaints.

Ensures accuracy of funds through proper implementation of cashiering functions as counting of change fund before and at the end of the shift/day, submission of accomplished cash denomination remittances slip (CDRS), and practice SMRT way in cashiering; supports inventory management by ensuring correct item code is used during manual transactions

Efficient and effective customer service through implementation of fast and accurate check out, ensuring the availability & safekeeping of counter supplies of the start & end of day, and knowledge of merchandising program to avoid customer complaints.

Ensure that POS equipment which include Scanner, CPU printer is handled with care

  • Work Experience: 2 year/s
  • Salary: ₱10,400 - ₱12,500
  • Women

Ensure proper barcode & accurate description on each item upon scanning at POS

Can operate more complex non-electronic and electronic equipments that require technical knowledge to be able to operate.



With minimum supervision