What is Republic Act 10361? Republic Act 10361 is an Act Instituting Policies for the Protection and Welfare of Domestic Workers, Otherwise known as ‘Domestic Workers Act’, or ‘Batas Kasambahay.’ It was signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III on 18 January 2013.

Examinations and recitations are over. Years of perseverance and hard work in school have finally paid off. You’re a step closer toward your goals and plans. The time to fulfill your dreams is finally here!
During your job search, printing your resume and getting dressed for job interviews are not the only things that you need to prepare for.
You will need to secure Government ID’s before you can start with your first employment.
Most likely you didn’t have dedicated subjects in school that taught how to secure these ID’s in the most efficient way possible.
Here are some guidelines to help you process your Government ID’s for employment -


  1. Go to the NBI Clearance website at https://www.nbi-clearance.com/
  2. Click on Sign Up at the home page and choose on NEW. Another page will open up and it will let you fill out the form for you contact details and family background. Be sure to provide valid information for these fields, more importantly, the e-mail address since they will be sending a confirmation message for your application there. Accept the Terms of Service and click on Sign In. The processing fee ranges from P115 to P415, depending on the purpose of the transaction.
Print out the form after successfully registering online. Secure the registration code since you’ll be needing it for future reference when securing your clearance.
Remember to bring one (1) valid ID’s that you can present when claiming your clearance: • School ID • Voter’s ID • Valid Passport • SSS ID • GSIS ID • Postal ID • Driver’s License • PRC License • Philhealth ID • Alien Certification of Registration
Make sure to view the list of nearest and most convenient NBI Clearance Branches, from your location before generating the reference number for payment.

PhilHealth ID

  1. Fill-out two (2) copies of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form
  2. Submit PMRF to the nearest Local Health Insurance Office (LHIO) together with the following documents: Two (2) 1x1 latest ID picture and Two valid ID’s
  3. Await Member Data Record (MDR) and PhilHealth ID Card.

Social Security System (SSS)

  1. Go to the SSS new membership registration portal at this link. To register as a new SSS member, click on the ‘Click here’ link to get started. Accomplish all fields of the online form correctly.
  2. An activation link will be sent to the registration email address which will enable them to continue with their SSS Number application. Note: The link will expire in 5 days. If it expires, the registrant will have to repeat the first step of the registration process.
  3. Click on the activation link and supply all the required information from Basic Information up to Beneficiaries Information correctly.
  4. Prior to generation of SS number, the registrant may review and correct their electronically filled out registration form. Once an SSS Number is already generated, applicant will need to go to the SSS Branch to correct his/her information.
  5. After clicking the "Generate SS Number" button, the system will display the SSS number of the registrant and an option to print their ePersonal Record and SS Number Slip. The registrant will also receive an email confirmation which indicates his/her SS number, a copy of his/her SS Number Slip and other instruction to complete his/her SS Number application.
  6. Print the Personal Record Form, SS Number Slip including the SSS Number Application Confirmation email body sent to you by the SS Number Issuance System.
  7. Go to your nearest SSS Branch and submit the required documentary requirements together with the SSS Number slip.
  8. If married, bring a copy of your Marriage Contract.
  9. If with child/ren, also bring a copy of the child/ren's Birth Certificate.
  10. For Non-Working Spouse, your working spouse must sign before his/her name on the printed Personal Record Form. The signature of your working spouse signifies that he/she agrees with your SSS Membership.
  • Registrant is advised to go to the nearest SSS Branch for submission of the required supporting documents.
  • Registrant's membership status with SSS shall remain "Temporary" until submission of the required supporting documents. This means that the SS Number can only be used for the following: - Contribution payment and employee reporting by the employer - Submission of required documents for conversion of Membership Status from "Temporary" to "Permanent".
  • Availing of SSS loans and benefits are subject to qualifying conditions and UMID Card Application (provided applicant has one (1) posted contribution) shall be allowed only for Permanent Membership Status.


  1. Go to the Pag-IBIG Fund Official website http://www.pagibigfund.gov.ph/. Click on e-Services icon or you can also choose the Benefits and Programs tab then click Membership Programs. You will be redirected to https://www.pagibigfundservices.com/.
  2. Click on the Membership Registration. To register as a new member, tick on the "Register as New Member" button.
  3. Look for the Captcha image, prior to the next process. Just type the letters indicated on the picture then click on Proceed to continue.
  4. Next step requires information like, Pag-IBIG ID, Member Name, Mother and Father's name. All fields with the red asterisk marks are mandatory. You will not be able to proceed to the next steps without completing those fields. After filling up all the needed information, just click Next to continue.
  5. On the next page you’ll see the additional information fields like date and place of birth, citizenship, civil status, SSS ID No., and GSIS ID number. After filling up the fields, click Next.
  6. For the Address details, just fill in your permanent and present address then click on the Next button.
  7. Proceed to the Contact details page, fill in your valid and active email address and provide a mobile or landline number. Then proceed to the next page.
  8. The Beneficiaries’ page lets you input your beneficiaries in case of your death. Listed member will equally share in accordance to the New Family Code.
  9. After selecting the right option, you'll need to input the details of your employer, date employed, position, employment status, salary and address details. Click Next to continue.
  10. Next page is additional information regarding your employment history. Just supply the right details like company name, employed months / years and address. Click Save then press Next.
  11. Last step is the Summary of all details that you provided on the previous pages. You can review it by clicking Review MDF prior to submission. You can click back if there are errors or wrong data supplied on the previous pages. Once done, click on Submit Registration.
  12. After clicking ‘Submit’, you'll be prompted with another page saying you have successfully registered. Please don't forget to take note of your RTN (Registration Tracking Number).
  13. To complete the process, you must submit the printer MDF to your HR office. This will enable the number-based remittance which makes easier for your employer in paying your contributions.
Online application makes your ID processing a lot easier but you will still need to go to some Government offices to provide some requirements when needed. The Government ID’s you need are just a few clicks away but you will still need to be patient to successfully register your information.
You only need to do this ONCE and you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work very soon, and after retirement.
Please share the information to your friends and relatives to help them.
We wish you well with your job applications! Go to www.philjobnet.gov.ph to start looking for your first job.

Many of us wouldn’t want to stay stuck and be stagnant especially on our careers. Nobody would want to be just a regular employee all the time. Your company has a lot to offer. But why are still you there being boxed by your comfort zone?

Why don’t you make things happen --- like your PROMOTION?


There’s always a way to be better and to go up. There’s always a way to get through something --- to get through your promotion. You should just remember three things:
1) Work hard, Always keep in mind that you need to accomplish something every day;
2) Go ahead, acquire new knowledge and skills. Ask for more responsibilities. And take initiative, employees who want to get ahead should not only keep current with industry news and events, but to also pay attention to trends and events outside their specialty;
3) Make a difference- earn a reputation for being dependable, professional, and cooperative. And be a team player.
There are things worth waiting and sacrificing for --- like your promotion. It doesn’t come and happen overnight. You need to work for the price. Step out of your comfort zone and step in to your courage zone.

Most of us spend 8 to 9 hours at work, some even have overtime work so when it comes to weekends and day-offs, most of us crave for rest (and probably sleep all day).

Ang attitude na“Bitin nanaman ang vacation” or “Monday nanaman negatively impacts our mind to start a week. So here are some tips on how to make your life at work productive.

1. Have time to enjoy.

When you start working the first thing that will change to you is your social life, the thing that you will surely miss when you enter the reality life of being a working person. Spend time with your friends or your family, chill out a little bit and relax, not exactly everyday but once in a week will do. As they say, people who are close to you will give you motivation but always be reminded that at the end of the day think about the steps that you will do for tomorrow.

2. Set your schedule for the next day.

It's not bad to chill out once in a while but remember your obligation for the next day. Set your schedule of the things that you will do for tomorrow, prioritize the tasks need to be complete so that you will know how to handle your time for today, how much time you can spend and also when some interruption occurs you will know the things need to be done when you come back in your workplace. Setting up your schedule will not only help you stay organized and focused but will also give you satisfaction once you complete your tasks.


3. Get yourself- motivated.

Transform your “Monday na naman” to “Monday na ulit ”which is a positive attitude. When you start a week think of how your work gives in your life, how work allows you to have your life outside of it such as travel, a great social life, luxury. A positive attitude will make a day pleasant and more productive.


4. Eliminate potential distractions.

Pull out the negative people in your life and surround yourself with possibilities. Although some occurs in your work place, take it as a challenge and make it as a motivation for you to finish your task. If your friends are inviting you to drink but you have overload work it's not bad to refuse them once in a while and let them know that you are finishing a project but will definitely hangout with them as soon as you finish your work.


5. Remember that you are more than your work.

Let go of perfection. It is not bad to aim for perfection but sometimes we force our self to do things which resulted to be more worst that we expect. Don't force yourself doing what you don't love because most of the time, perfection occurs to those individual who loves and enjoy what they are doing to their work.


Looking for Work? Nahihirapan ka ba mag-apply?
May mga paraan naman kung paano mapapadali ang paghahanap mo ng trabaho.
Here are some tips on how you can get your new job fast.

10. Send a thank you note

Send a THANK YOU note after your interview to the interviewer. It’s a way of appreciation for considering you for the job and it is also a way to show your interest about the job.

9. Move on from your past

Never say bad things about your precious employer. The first thing interviewer wants to know is how you will say about their company when you’re moving on. Common mistakes that interviewees do are bad mouthing their former boss or co-workers which gives a bad impression to the interviewer.

8. Be who you are

Be YOURSELF. Be confident in an interview in ways you are answering the interviewer question right and appropriately. Looking into the interviewers eyes while answering will inform them that you are sincere of what you are saying.

7. Be on time

Be on time. If you already have a set schedule for an interview, it is better for you to prepare before the said date and make sure you will be on time. Not too early and definitely not late, 15 mins before the said time of an interview will do because first impressions really do last.

6. Dress for sucess

Dress appropriately. If you've been qualified for an interview, it's better for you to dress professionally and appropriately because again - first impressions really do last.

5. Show and Prove

Share your work experience. If you already have a job experience, it gives you an edge to immediately impress hiring managers but take note that you don’t need to include all of your job experience in your resume. Only include your experiences which are relevant for the job that you're applying to.

4. Have an impressive Resume

Make a resume which is impressive and realistic. Hiring managers are the ones who screens and analyzes your resume if you qualify for the job or not. You only have a few seconds to impress a hiring manager with your resume. Make a good impression with your resume to bring you a step closer to getting that job.

3. Don't Settle for less

Don’t settle for one company. When you are searching for work, don’t just send an application to one company. While you are waiting to hear back from an employer, apply to other companies as well. Mostly Jobseekers or new graduate students face rejections from different employers before they land on their first job. Everyone has faced rejection with job applications . One rejection or another shouldn't stop you.

2. Focus on your passion

Focus on the job that you qualify for and that you will love doing. Applying for every job you see online is not a good idea since it's not only a waste of your time, it may also create doubt in your own abilities.

Applying for a job that you qualify for will immediately give you a chance to get selected for an interview. Take time to think and decide what Job you really want or qualify for before doing your job hunting.

1. Search through online job sites

Advance technology can help you find a job quickly. Take advantage of it! Don't just rely on printed job ads. Use the Internet and online job portals like PhilJobNet or other online Job sites. Search the job keywords, title or company that you are interested in. Job hunting requires patience. After a while, you'll be surprised to see that you already have job offers waiting for you.


First impressions last. Make sure that you make the right first impression using your resume.

Follow these tips to prepare your resume for your next job application.

Your resume is YOUR marketing tool, not a personnel document.

A resume is much more than just a document or list of companies you worked for and previous jobs you held. This is where you start selling yourself in different companies. Your resume is your marketing tool.

It’s important to understand that your resume is more than a calling card and less than a comprehensive record of your career. Imagine yourself as the product and your resume is the brochure advertisement which will be the first step to persuade your target hiring manager. If they are convince about what is written in your resume then it can proceed to the next step – which is inviting you for an interview. If they prove that what is written in your resume is true, then you have a big opportunity to get hired in the company. That’s why your resume should be creative enough to easily catch the interest of hiring managers, yet realistic enough for you to get hired in the job you desire.

It is about YOU the job hunter, not just about the jobs you've held.

The best thing about job hunting is you are willing to open a new opportunity in your life. Searching for a new job is a real challenge because it requires hard work.

The primary tool for your job search is your resume which the hiring managers use to identify your skills, abilities and accomplishments before the interview.Your resume will be an advertisement of who you are. It is a "snapshot" of you with the intent of capturing and emphasizing interests which can secure you an interview. You must prepare a unique resume, a resume which can easily grab their attention. But how can you do that? By aiming for the right target. Make sure that the information you provided is suitable to the job that you are applying for. Conduct first a research about your target company then try to match your skills, interests and values for the job that you’re applying for.

It focuses on your future, not your past.

Susan Ireland, a professional resume writer for 20 years, said, “A good resume paints a picture of your future, not your past.” It is not a dry bio of your past. It may talk about your work history but it’s not about your past instead it’s about how you are planning for your future or what you want to do next. Your resume is like a marketing piece about your future, it will be a way for you to get a new and exciting job.

Before you start writing anything in your resume, you need to identify first what future do you want or what type of work do you want to do next to help you reach your career goals. Put only the objectives that will support your desire for your future job to make it a marketing piece. Sell yourself to another company so that when employers see your resume, they’ll immediately get drawn to it and not only see your work history – but also making them see that you’re a fit for the role. So when you write a resume, highlight the perfect experience, skills, interests, and personality that will fit the job position or role that you’re applying for. Be creative (but not too much) and realistic. This way, the resume will focus on what you want for your future.

It emphasizes your accomplishments, not your past job duties or job descriptions.

Your resume is not about a description of what you are doing in your past jobs. It’s about what you learned, what you were able to enhance in yourself and what you achieved in the past that makes you a better person today.

Having accomplishments in life means that you’ve learned things that gives you an edge over other applicants. This can easily impress hiring managers. Convert simple statements that merely describe your duties for that job to an achievement. For example, instead of saying – “I interviewed job applicants”. You can write, “I successfully interviewed job applicants and helped the company achieve a 50% fill rate every month.


It documents skills you enjoy using, not skills you used just because you had to.

Putting a lot of skills in your resume is just a waste of space. Skills are something which identifies your strength and what you are capable of doing. So why do you need to include skills which does not even describe you? If you’re thinking that you need to include some skills to fit the job description, then you are wrong. Writing a resume is not just a report to impress your employer but it is a hard copy of yourself.

Think about your resume this way: It’s an advertisement, and YOU are the product. Your goal is to get hiring managers to buy into what you’re selling but they need to know first what benefits they can get from you and that is your skills. If they buy you in the first place and then realize that you are not capable producing the quality they need. They can dispose you as early as possible. But if they are receiving the right amount of quality work that you introduced to them in the first place, they will value you. To accomplish that, you need to see your skills as your marketing tool, your trusty belt buckle of tricks.

It's important to have a specific structure for your resume, in order for the recruiter to quickly recognize you as a strong candidate for the job. Here are a few simple guidelines that you can follow so you can successfully land a job. 


This is where you put your name and other details, it would be better not to include your nickname, although some human resources officers would ask for your nickname it's still better not to put it on your resume to maintain professionalism.

Make sure that you include your complete address, the address where you are presently residing. If you happen to be from the province simply provide your present address.

It is important that you double check the contact number, see if it is accurate. You don't want to miss out on a good job opportunity just because your contact info is incorrect. The same goes with your email address.

Writing your expertise or the job description you are applying for on the headline is optional.


Here is where you write pertinent information that the recruiter could match with the job that you are applying for. Make sure to put everything in especially the information that matters. When including your qualifications on your resume, always ask yourself if it will have significance to your job application. If it will not be useful do not include it.

Educational Background

If you are a fresh graduate you can take advantage of this section to highlight your accomplishments in school. If you have honors include it. But if you are an experienced worker in the industry, you can simply jot down your most recent and most significant academic achievement. 

Work Experience

This section should include the name of the company that you worked for, your designation for that particular job, and the inclusive dates for that job. You may also include promotions to spotlight your strengths as a candidate for the vacant position. When listing your duties and responsibilities it's better to be concise and to the point. 

Other Related Information

You may want to title this section äccording to your preference. You can call it "Workshops","Seminars" or "Other Training. No matter what you call it just make sure that it is relevant to the job vacancy that you are applying for, otherwise you will just be wasting resume space. 

It is always advisable to start with the Headline, and then work your way through your Educational Background, Qualifications, Work Experience, Training and Other Related Information if applicable.

You could even interchange the sequence of the resume right after the "Headline" part. There is really no right or wrong way to compose a resume you just need to present it properly with all the suitable information.

If you want more tips on how you can get ahead with your job application, register here http://philjobnet.gov.ph/ as a job seeker.

Goodluck with your job hunting!

Dahil graduation season na may inihanda kaming mga mahalagang impormasyon para makatulong sa iyong pag-a-apply sa trabaho. Nalalapit na ang araw ng katotohan, magagamit mo na ang lahat ng iyong inaral at pinagsanayan sa loob ng maraming taon. Kailangan mo lamang manalig sa iyong sarili at harapin ang mga bagong pagsubok na darating. Narito ang mga tips na makakatulong sa iyo:

Magsulat ng Resume

Para makasulat ng maayos na resume kailangan itong maging malinaw, at madaling mabasa. Gumamit ng bullet points imbes na tuloy-tuloy na pagsulat o free-flowing (resume), mas mapapadali ang pagbasa ng ganitong klaseng resume. Tiyakin rin na gumamit ng fonts na hindi masakit sa mata, dahil kailangang malinaw na mabasa ang iyong impormasyon. Siguraduhin mo na nakalagay lahat ng impormasyon na makatutulong para makuha mo ang nais na trabaho. Para sa komprehensibong paraan kung paano magsulat ng resume, maari mong basahin ang article na ito.

Magregister sa Online Job Portal

Kung gagamit ka ng online job portal siguraduhin mo na fill-up-an ang lahat ng fields na kailangan lagyan ng info dahil mas lalaki ang iyong pagkakataon ng makahanap ng trabaho, makikita ang iyong resume ng mas maraming mga recruiters at maaari mauna ka nilang tawagan dahil kompleto ang iyong registration sa job portal bilang Jobseeker. Kung gusto mong mag register sa job portal ng PhilJobNet, ito ang link.

Magsuot ng nararapat

Kailangang planuhin mo ang iyong isusuot para sa iyong job interview. Ihanda ito isa o dalawang araw bago ang nakatakdang interview. Pumili ng mga damit na neutral ang kulay, umiwas sa mga matitingkad na kulay tulad ng pula, orange, lime green o mga kulay na katulad nito. Business attire o business casual ang iyong isuot na damit sa araw ng interview. Pumili ng komportable at maayos na damit, higit sa lahat magsuot ka rin ng malaking ngiti para sa iyong darating na interview.

Ihanda ang sarili para sa Job Interview

Kailangang ihanda ang sarili lalo na ang iyong isip kung gusto mong makahanap ng trabaho. Ang job interviews ang isa sa pinakamahirap na pagdadaanan ng isang aplikante. Kinakailangan mong patunayan na karapat dapat ka sa trabahong inaaplyan. Maaring mo din sundan ang tips kung paano ka makakapag bigay ng magandang impression sa job interviews, sa pagbasa ng article na ito. Para sa komprehinsibong tips for Job Interview Questions - abangan ang aming susunod na feature tungkol dito.

It is always important to make a positive impression when applying for a job. As they say, first impressions last. So you have to prepare and make sure that you provide a positive impression during your job interview.


Here are a few things you could do:

Proper Attire

This is the first thing that would be noticed by the recruiter, how presentable you are during the interview, if you are well groomed and properly dressed you will immediately convey professionalism. Sadly some applicants do not follow this first basic step so as a first tip make sure to look good during the interview.


Clean and Readable Resume

Make sure that your information on the resume is readable, do not use fancy fonts. Your resume should be clean and without smudges. For a more detailed info on how to write a good resume please read the articles we have the website on how to write effective resumes. Here is a link to one of our articles.



Make sure to smile, it breaks down barriers and says that you are friendly, easy to get along with and happy to be there for the interview. Try it out, it is one of the best things that you could bring during a job interview. It makes the person you are talking to feel good about himself and as a result, you get a spot in his or her mind that you are a candidate to consider for the job.


Firm Handshake

Make sure to grip the hand of the person you are shaking hands with, it gives an impression that you are glad to meet him or her. It shows that you are someone to be taken seriously.


Be early

Never be late for your a job interview, remember that you are trying to make a good impression. So be there at least 15 minutes early for your job interview, or earlier if possible.


Do your homework

Research the company you are eyeing, know what they do, where their business is good at and their weak points as well (you don't have to point this out, during the actual interview). Of course, find out what the job you are applying for requires and what your duties and responsibilities will be to be prepared for your interview.


Stand up

When you are about to be called to the interview room, make sure to stand up before you are called, and do not take a seat until you are told to do so, small things like this may not be noticed by the interviewer but it makes you conscious of the little details.


Sit Straight

Good posture is also important, do not slouch, sit up straight. This makes you look more professional and also makes you feel better.


Eye Contact

Look the interviewer in the eye, looking a person in the eye means you are sincere and honest with everything that you are saying. It may be uncomfortable at first but if you do it in your interviews you will feel more comfortable with it and you will find that it is easier for people to understand what you are saying when you look them in the eye.


Ask questions

You don't have to wait for the interviewer to ask you if you have any questions. After you've answered a specific question for the interviewer and you have a question in mind you could immediately ask a question, just make sure that it is relevant to the job application.


Don't be negative

Always be optimistic about your job applications, think about the good things that you can do for the company. See yourself working in their office, and or talking to their customers. This kind of mental attitude towards your job application will definitely give you a positive perspective.


Remember these simple tips when attending your job interviews and you'll definitely leave a positive impression with your next interviews.

It's a good idea to put your resume online so that many recruiters can view your information, this is a good way to widen your chances of getting the job that you want. Here are a few tips that you could do to help you immediately give a positive impression.

Make Notes

This where you should have the draft of your resume, doing so will make it easier for you to simply copy and paste your info on the online form. Take not of the companies or job portals where you have uploaded your resume so you know exactly where your resume goes to avoid surprises and confusion in the future.

Update Regularly

Make sure that you update your resume once you acquire a new skill, or if you have recently attended a seminar or workshop. It's also a good practice to schedule updating your resume at least once a month until you get hired. The mere act of updating your CV will consciously prompt you to continually be on the lookout for a job.  Doing so will definitely increase the likelihood of getting hired.


Check your resume against misspellings, you might think that it might be very menial, but it is something that can and will be noticed by Human Resources Practitioners. Use a spell checker at all times, if you have access to a word processing program, type in your information there first and if there are misspelled words the program will check it for you. 

Fill It Out Completely

Since you already started using the online resume please make sure to finish putting in your information and all the details that are needed. Make sure to fill up all the fields on the online resume form, it will increase your chances of being viewed by employers, and eventually getting the job. 

Fill It Out Correctly

All information must be verified, the dates, names, references, the company where you have worked, the schools and organizations that you included. Incorrect data is the last thing that you need when uploading your resume. 


For example, if you are applying as a sales person make sure to put in related words that recruiters would be looking for, words like, sales, quota, goal, leads, telemarketing and other words that would be relevant to selling. Make sure to use words that relate to the industry that you are trying to get into. 

No Graphics

There is no need to use graphics, do not invest time in making one, you can not upload it online, and graphics are not useful unless you are applying as a graphic designer or as an artist. Do not make your resume fancy, make it as simple as possible and as professional as you can. 


Lastly, before you hit the submit button, make sure to read and check the details on your resume, it is also a good idea to have a friend or a loved one read your resume before you send it out to the resume directory to minimize errors. 

We highly recommend that you use PhilJobNet's NSRP (National Skills Registration Program ) to boost your odds of securing yourself a great job. You can also print this as your resume. To create one, simply create a Jobseeker account in PhilJobNet.



Most modern day employer's and recruitment officers would routinely check social media profiles of applicants like you, as part of their due diligence. Now is the time to take advantage of your profile, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn. It's literally your time to shine and show off what you have in a positive way. Here are a few things you could start implementing on your social media accounts to display what you are capable of. 

Clean your accounts

If you have pictures that are not going to help you get the job that you want it's better to hide them or take them off your account. If you don't want to lose them you can just simply hide them. The same goes with the stuff that you write on there, it may take a while to do it especially if you have years worth of posts but it's all worth it. 

Change your profile picture

Your profile pic should be professional, take snapshots of yourself in a suit or business attire and then use it on your profile. If you don't like the idea, do it anyway at least in the meantime while you are waiting to get hired for your dream job, it will show that you are professional even on social media. 

Make your personal stuff private

You may temporarily put your information on private or better yet make it unviewable by the rest of the world tweak it so your friends are the only ones who can see, it's private information the rest of the don't have to see. Your weekly meeting with friends showing beer everywhere is not a good idea to have on your account, hide it. 

Put your skills on your profile

This is one thing you need to flaunt on social media if you want the attention of employers particularly on LinkedIn, make sure to highlight your unique skills, you may even post pictures or videos of you performing a skill say for example you know how to weld metal put it out there. It will make a good effect on your job application once the recruiter sees it on your account.  

Use keywords

Carefully put keywords on your profile or posts so that when HR Professionals scan your account they will be able to spot these keywords, for example, if you are a Nurse, write Registered Nurse on your profile just don't put in your PRC number, remember that anyone could see it.

Create a portfolio

Imagine what a portfolio can do for your job application, so take a picture or video of your work and display it on your page. It will highlight your strengths and without saying anything you are deliberately convincing the employer that you are the best candidate for the job. 

Follow the employer

Be connected with them, check out their pages and follow them on social media not only will you know more about the company, you will get noticed, and since you are already following the employer you might as well retweet, repost, or share their valuable content, you never know the company might even thank you. 
We hope this helps you with your job hunting, for more articles like this please visit PhilJobNet.

We all have times when we need to call in sick due to health issues, so here are a few tips that we compiled to help you to be in top shape for you not to miss work. 

Go through these tips so you can plan your day at work until it becomes a healthy habit.


Plan your day

Having a road map of your work day will make you more prepared to face the following day, it doesn't have to be an elaborate plan you could just make bullet points on a piece of paper as a guide for your day.

Here is an example of a bulleted list that you can write for your healthy day at work:
- Veggies for lunch
- Walk 30 minutes
- stand up every hour to stretch
- 1.5 Liter of water today
- sleep early

Eat Healthy

Instead of buying your favorite "adobo" you can start eating vegetables for lunch and if you have the time to cook your own food you can start choosing more healthy food.


Jog / Walk

Do not take the jeepney or bus if its just a few kilometers away. It's better to walk or jog going to and from work, this should help you burn a few calories each day.


Stand up 

Although standing up to get water or to go to the restroom every ten minutes may not be a good idea, standing up once in a while say every hour and a half could be good for your health.


Drink Water

Instead of drinking soft drinks you can start drinking more water, get a big water bottle container to force yourself to drink more liquids. 



Most of us today usually just keep in touch with our friends through social media, chat or email. Now is the time to talk to your fellow workers face to face share your experiences and a few healthy laughs every day.


Stretch it

Muscles and bones tend to get weak when you don't move them, so stretch your arms and legs from time to time to break the monotony of sitting throughout your workday.


Sit properly

Sit up straight, don't lean back or hunch over. The chair should not be too high or too low, your eyes should be leveled to the edge of the computer while sitting.


Get some rest

When it's time to sleep, sleep. You need all the rest that you can get to perform at your peak when you are at work. Don't waste your time updating your profile on social media or looking at every single post, it's better to get some rest particularly at night.

Do a bit of these suggestions each day and you will be surprised with the results.


Sometimes getting the job that you want can be a bit elusive but you might just get lucky with these uncommon tips. All you have to do is to exert some effort by doing a little research and online networking. 



These tips are a bit out of the ordinary which is actually good since most people haven't realized that it can actually work. Try them out and let us know if it helped you land on your next job:

Although there is an easier way to contact the company because of the internet, you may want to call the company of your choice. You could look them up online, get their number and ask if they have a job opening for the job that you want. This is particularly effective if the company that you want to work for is not posting the job ad yet, or is just about to post the job ad, this way you could be the first candidate that they can evaluate.

Demonstrate your skill
If your dream job is to be a computer programmer you can create a program that could help the company solve a particular problem. This may take many hours to create but it could catapult your career in programming. After completing the project you may contact the company, talk to them about your interesting proposition and then show them how the program can work for their favor. 

Facebook Search
Try it out you will be amazed at how many jobs opportunities that will pop up when you do so. We typed in "Customer Service" and it gave us at least 5 jobs related to the jobs in the Customer Service industry. You may also subscribe or join groups that cater to job openings. Recruiters are finding ways now to save on costs for advertising their job openings and it just so happens that Facebook is an open platform that allows postings about job vacancies. Use it to your advantage.

While it's not as popular as Facebook, LinkedIn can be a good networking tool if you're already an experienced worker in the professional environment. Add HR professionals in your network, introduce yourself to them and make use of LinkedIn's wide selection of tools for networking. Recruiters are more likely to use LinkedIn if they're looking for talents that already have significant work experience.

Choose among these methods- or DO IT ALL! While you're at it, make sure that you also take advantage of the Search feature that we included in our site. Just type in the keywords of the job position or location of the work that you're looking for. If it matches your interest - go ahead and don't hesitate to apply NOW. 

Happiness is a decision whether in your personal life or work life, you can make tiny steps so you can be satisfied with your work, especially if you're new in the workplace. We have outlined a few things that you can try.

Do something for the company that is gratifying. You can take on a job or a task that will be useful for the company at the same time will make you feel important, we are sure you can find a project that could make you feel valuable. Start with a simple task, don't overwhelm yourself, just makes sure to do it consistently and you will be viewed as someone who can be relied on. This works both ways, the company sees you as someone who is dependable and you find gratification in your work.


You need to have some form of freedom at work. This is another reason why you could be happier if you can work independently with less supervision it will make you more contented and thus more productive. If your job gives you some leeway to work on your own consider yourself lucky, that kind of independence on the job will make you a lot happier. If you can't be independent at work you may simply ask or suggest a task that you could complete on your own, to at least have some measure of freedom.


Find allies at work. This is possibly one of the best ways to be happier at work. If you find people who share your interests bond with them and try to be friends. But if you can't find people with the same wavelength, you just need to dig deeper and be actively interested with your co-workers, ask simple questions like "what's your favorite food?" if it's lunch time. Also actively participate in group discussions if there is an opportunity.


You must feel appreciated. Constantly doing your job well will definitely give you the appreciation that you deserve. You will find that your colleagues or your boss will give you hints that you are doing a good job, or sometimes if you're lucky you will openly get recognition for what you do. Sometimes in spite of all your effort and hard work, you still don't get the appreciation you deserve but don't worry you know what you did and that's what's important, we suggest you keep a journal and write down the great stuff that you accomplish each and every day. Doing this will make you feel your true value.


Happiness in the workplace is always a choice, no matter what your job is, it all depends on how you think about the work that you do, if think that your job is the best job in the world then it is the best job in the world. Be happy, see the good in everything you do to keep your workplace a healthy environment to be in both mentally and physically.

Have you ever asked a question after the end of the job interview? Most new applicants don't and if they do, they sometimes ask the question that will not benefit them at all, like how much is the salary? Or will what are the benefits of becoming an employee here? Those are not the type of questions that you need to ask if you want to get hired. We have prepared a few possible questions that you can ask at the end of the interview that can actually help you get the job.


Try asking one or two of these questions on your next interview in order to make an impression to employers that you are serious about getting the job:


What are the traits or qualities that are needed for this job? 
This will reveal the kind person that is suited for the job, you can then position yourself properly if you really like the position, once you are hired. 
What is the company culture when it comes to new hires? 
You will find out how they treat newbies when they answer this question. 
What are the daily tasks for this job?
When you ask this question you can find out if you are ready for the day to day responsibilities of the job that you are applying for. 
What will be the impact of this job to the department? 
To find out if you are going to grow in the company this is a good question to ask, this will show you how you will fair on the job once you decide to stay or if you get hired. 
After this interview, what are the next steps? 
Asking this question will give you an idea of what to expect, do you need to follow up or do you need to wait for a phone call or email, or do you need to go through another set of interviews or tests. 
Do not over do your questions, one or two is enough. Asking a question will show that you are genuinely interested in the job that you are applying for, plus it can also reveal information about the job and the company that you are trying to be a part of. So ask the proper questions to position yourself early, ask questions like the ones we provided. 

Marami sa ating kababayan ang nahihirapan sa paghahanap ng trabaho kaya naisipan namin dito sa PhilJobNet na tipunin ang mga paraan upang mas madaling makahanap ng hanapbuhay. Narito po ang mga nabanggit na paraan:



1. Ayusin ang resume na angkop sa trabaho. Hindi kailangang ilagay lahat ng iyong job experience sa resume dapat lang ay tugma ito sa trabahong ina-apply-an.

2. Kailangang angkop ang iyong skills sa trabahong iyong ina-apply-an. Kung hindi ito angkop, at gusto mong makapasok o matanggap ay maaari kang magsanay para inaasam na trabaho, maraming training sa TESDA ang maaari mong daluhan.

3. Ipagbigay alam mo sa iyong mga kakilala. Ipaalam sa lahat ng iyong kaibigan at kamag-anak na naghahanap ka ng trabaho, makatutulong ito dahil kung sakaling mayroon silang kakilalang kompanyang naghahanap ng empleyado ay pwede ka nilang ipakilala dito.

4. Magpunta sa mga job fairs. Nandito ang karamihan sa mga kompanyang naghahanap ng mga trabahador. Mas malaki ang posibilidad na makahanap ka ng trabaho sa mga paganap na ganito. Maari kayong makapag pre-register sa mga official job fairs ng DOLE at PESO sa link na ito - http://philjobnet.gov.ph/jobfair-schedule.

5. Ang paglapit din sa mga recruitment agencies ang isa sa pinakamabisang paraan upang makahanap agad ng trabaho. Dahilan nito ay maramihan ang kanilang pangangailan ng empleyado at maaaring isa ka sa kanilang matanggap.

6. Maaari mong gamitin ang iyong social media account sa paghahanap ng trabaho. Maghanap sa search field o kaya  naman ay mag-post sa iyong page. Halimbawa, maaari ka rin pumunta sa page ng PhilJobNet at doon makikita mo ang link para makapagrehistro sa opisyal na website ng gobyerno para sa hanapbuhay.

7. Maging maingat sa pananamit, magbihis ng nararapat kung magpupunta sa job fair o sa job interview. Business attire ang kadalasang bihis ng mga nag-aaply ng trabaho.

8. Gamitin mo rin ang search engines katulad ng Google at Yahoo. Maghanap ng trabaho dito o mas mainam ay kung didiretso ka sa mga job portals tulad ng PhilJobNet.gov.ph, dahil nandoon ang job matching at job fair registration.

9. Pag-aralan ang kompanya na gusto mong applyan. Makatutulong kung pag-aaralan mo ang kompanya na iyong nais apply-an, alamin ang lahat ng bagay tungkol dito. Ang klase ng kanilang negosyo, ang kanilang mga produkto, at ang kanilang kultura.

10. Aralin ang mga sagot sa tanong. Magbasa ng mga  maaari itanong sa'yo sa interview, magsanay ng mag-isa o kasama ang kamag-anak o kaibigan ukol sa mga tanong na maaaring lumabas sa interview. 

11. Mag-apply sa tamang panahon, abangan ang pagbubukas ng job hiring ng isang kompanya dahil sa gayon ay mas lalaki ang iyong pagkakataon na matanggap sa trabaho. Agapan mo rin ang mga job openings, mas mainam na magpunta sa umaga upang makaiwas sa sisiksan kung sa job fair, at mauna sa pila kung magpupunta sa tanggapan ng kompanya.

Kung ginawa mo na ang karamihan sa mga suhestiyon na ito ay 'wag ka titigil,  darating din ang pagkakataon na para sa iyo, manalig at ituloy ang iyong nasimulan ng paghahanap.

Patuloy ang pag tulong ng PhilJobNet sa lahat ng nagnanais na makahanap ng trabaho, mangyaring magrehistro sa aming website www.philjobnet.gov.ph upang mas maging madali ang proseso ng paghahanap.

You get hired because of your skills and not anything else so you have to keep an eye on the skills that you include in your resume. Maximize the space on your resume by listing only the ones that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.


SOFT SKILLS are not easy to measure so you have to demonstrate it well. Employers usually check how well you speak, write and think. They also want to see how creative you are, if you can multi-task, how you handle certain situations and even if you are going to be a good leader in the future. These are measured through job interviews and assessments - so make sure that you prepare well for those.

List down your MEASURABLE SKILLS or Hard skills. These are that skills that you acquired through schooling or training. For instance, if you're applying for a graphic designer or draftsman post, you should know how to use modern day programs such as Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD so include them in your resume. These skills are usually the reason why most companies would hire someone, so always put it on your resume.

Stand out from the rest, be EXTRAORDINARY. Can you accomplish extraordinary tasks, that the job requires? Can you work under the heat of the sun or under a different weather condition? Can you go sell the company product door to door, this is usually what an outside sales person does, or if can you walk long distances to conduct a survey. If you can do these, you can use it to the get a job so include it in your resume too. 

Demonstrate how good you are with tools / machinery needed for the job. If you are applying as a professional driver, you should at least already have a professional license or have already acquired significant experience that made you apply for the post. Same thing if you're interested to apply as a graphic artist. You should be well trained or at least familiar with the software that goes with the job.  Always provide proof. Bring your sample work or portfolio or cite all the relevant work experience / trainings you've done. Be specific. Note it down on your resume. 

Show them that you're good with people. Some jobs won't require you to talk to people all the time but most do. If you are truly good natured it will show in how you deal with people. Patience, tolerance, and good attitude plays a big part in this. Employees with good people skills can get along easily with their co-workers since they can adapt well to difficult situations in the office. This skill, however, will only totally manifest when you are already working for the company, but if you already possess this- you are ten points ahead of other job applicants. The HR specialist can determine if you have this skill by the way you interact with them during the interview so show them good attitude at all times.

Be specific, write it down, having this valuable information written down could mean being hired or not, so don't forget to include all the necessary skills that are noteworthy to get that job. If you think you're ready to apply for your first job or move on to a new employer, over 3,000 accredited employers are waiting for you in PhilJobNet! Just register as a Jobseeker to get started.

Most of the time we don't even think of things like "being replaced". It's probably because we are contented with what we have and as long as we have a job it's fine with us, we don't consider the possibility that someone might suddenly replace us if we do not do our jobs well or if someone better comes along.

Become indispensable. Turn yourself into someone who is needed for the company to function properly, in other words, become one of the pillars of the business. Be the glue that holds everything together, without you everything will fall apart. Since your goal is to become someone who is hard to replace you have to be always on your toes, you have to always be contributing to the betterment of the company, and you should always be thinking of new ways to help the company.
Continuous learning. Work on yourself and not just work on your projects, always be learning and absorbing new things that will help you with your job. Learning doesn't stop in school. It just gave you a headstart and you shouldn't stop just because you got a diploma.
Forward thinking. Always be one step ahead, think of ways to improve your performance. Grab opportunities as they present themselves to you, don't let them pass you by.
Be open to challenges. Don't back down when challenges arise, it's your chance to show what you've got and to prove that you are an employee who can be depended on. 
The best way to become hard to replace at work is to increase your value. The way to do this is to do your job exceptional well, do it fast, be early at work, and show up every single day of the week, and if you still can, be the last person to leave work. Do the necessary stuff that is needed for the business to succeed and you will find yourself to be one of the people who is difficult to replace.
Kadalasan ay hindi natin alam kung bakit hindi tayo natanggap sa kompanyang ating ina-apply-an, kaya nagtanong-tanong kami at nagsaliksik upang maibigay sa inyo ang mga kadahilanan kung bakit minsan ay hindi tayo pumapasa sa ating gustong pasukan. 

Dahil kulang sa kasanayan. Madalas ay kulang sa kasanayan, skills o training na kailangan sa trabaho kaya hindi natatanggap. Kung mayroon ka namang training ay hindi ito angkop sa trabahong iyong ina-apply-an. Pero masusolusyunan mo ito sa pamamagitan ng pag dalo sa mga workshop or training na ibinibigay ng ating pamahalaan, at karamihan dito ay libre, kailangan mo lang malaman kung paano at saan. Pumunta sa website ng TESDA para makita ang listan ng mga libreng training na ginagawa nila para maging handa sa susunod mong paghahanap ng trabaho. 
Kakulangan sa pinag-aralan ang numero unong kalaban ng mga naghahanap ng trabaho. Ito ang isa sa pinaka karaniwang dahilan kung bakit hindi natatanggap sa trabaho ang karamihan sa aplikante. Ngunit masusolusyunan naman ito sa pamamagitan ng pagsasanay o training. Mainam din na magbasa at magsaliksik tungkol sa trabahong nais mong pasukan. Maraming ding online courses na maaaring pag-aralan para maging handa para sa trabahong gustong apply-an.
Dahil kulang pa sa experience. Maaaring mayroon ka ng tinapos na kurso ngunit bagong graduate ka pa lang at ito ang iyong unang pagsabak sa paghahanap ng trabaho, kaya nahihirapan kang matanggap dahil sa kakulangan ng job experience. O kaya naman ay hindi tugma ang iyong karanasan sa trabaho o sa job opening na ina-apply-an. Maaari kang maging aprentice para sa trabahong gusto pasukin, kung magiging aprentice ka ay magkakaron ka ng karanasan o kasanayan sa trabaho na maaaring maging daan para matanggap. Maaari din na magsanay sa mga free training na ibinigay ng pamahalaan upang magkaroon ng karanasan.
Marahil hindi mo naipakita ang magandang ugali mo. Isa ito sa madalas na dahilan kung bakit hindi natatanggap sa trabaho ang isang aplikante, ito ang attitude o pauugali, alalahaning nakikita at nararamdaman ng mga taga-interview ang iyong pagkatao kahit na sa panayam lamang, dahil ito sa iyong paraan ng pananalita at sa pagsagot sa kanilang mga katanungan. Makabubuting magbalik tanaw sa mga mabuting aral ng ibinahagi sa iyo ng iyong mga magulang at guro. Malaki ang maitutulong nito para sa iyong pag-uugali. 
Dahil hindi naging maganda ang mga sagot mo sa interview. Marami hindi natatanggap sa trabaho dahil sa mga mali-maling sagot sa mga tanong, at kadalasan ay hindi naman intensyon na sabihin ang mga maling impormasyon dahil lang kadalasan sa kaba at kawalan ng karanasan sa pagsagot sa mga tanong ng interview kaya hind natatanggap ang isang aplikante. Kaya dapat mong paghandaan ang iyong interview, magsanay sagutin ang mga posibleng itatanong sa iyo. May artikulo ang Philjobnet na nauukol para dito.
Sana ay makatulong ang mga ito sa iyo, walang ibang dapat gawin kundi ang paghandaan ang bawat interview na iyong pupuntahan. Ayusin ang sarili, ang iyong resume, at higit sa lahat ang iyong isip para sa iyong mga darating na interviews. Tumutulong ang PhilJobNet sa lahat ng nais magkaroon ng trabaho sa pag pamamagitan ng ating job portal, wag magdalawang isip na mag rehistro, hindi matatawaran ang tulong na maibibigay namin sa inyo. 

We would like to give out some reminders that you should be very careful in what you post in social media especially when you are applying for a job. Remember that some recruiters and managers would usually take a look at your social media account as part of their due diligence and whatever they see could influence their decision, whether to hire you or not. 

These are the No-No's in Social Media:

  • Pictures of you drinking, it may be an old picture or a new one it shouldn't be there out there on the internet.
  • Photos that make you look bad in any way if you feel that you have posts that will make you look unprofessional you may want to take it down.
  • Tags from friends who make you look silly or irresponsible. Sometimes we have friends who like posting or tagging us inappropriate posts.
  • Nude pictures of any kind is a big no-no, you should never post these kinds of photos on your page if want to get hired.
  • Political posts that will show your affiliations, it's safer not to be associated with any political party or movement, it makes you a more attractive candidate than if you are a known supporter of a political figure.
  • Foul language, of course, is another thing to eliminate on your online folio, if ever you have this online it's time to clean up your page.
  • Inappropriate posts, anything that is not going to help you with your job application should not be on the internet.
  • Avoid posts that tend to berate people or yourself, it is not going to help.
  • Excessive posting of your obsessions, there is nothing wrong with posting your favorite sport for example, but if the only thing that your future employers see is people playing basketball it may not help you land a job.
  • Pranks of any kind, jokes are okay, but if you like posting pranks on your page it would be better if refrain from doing so.
  • Bad comments about anything will not benefit your job application, stop writing them.
  • Complaints whether valid or not is not a good thing to see on your social media page.
  • Distasteful words about your past employers is never a good thing, be mindful of what post, if you've already posted in the past about your recent employer it's best to hide or delete it.

The idea is to "be careful" if you have to say things out there. Just be civil about it, yes you have the right to say whatever you want on your own page but we are talking about your job here, we don't want you to lose an opportunity simply because of a thoughtless post.


In this article, we will remedy the problem of having “no job experience” to write down on your resume, we suggest that you screen shot this article or copy the link to your device or computer so you could get back to it if needed.


Here a few things that we compiled to put on your resume that could help you get that first job:

  • Make sure your resume is simple and easy to read
  • Use an A4 size paper, it doesn't need to be printed on special paper as long as it's clean, with no smudges
  • Don’t use red, pink, blue, or green colors, only use black ink to keep it professional if you want important information to stand out
  • Trim everything down everything that you need to include on your resume, no unnecessary things
  • Use readable fonts, use only one kind of font or if you like you can make the headers bold
  • Make the layout clean, don’t make the recruiter squint while reading your CV
  • It's your choice if you want to center everything or if you like you could just right indent your resume as long as it is readable, you are good to go
  • Dates should be easily seen, make it a bit bigger or even bold it out
  • Create a professional LinkedIn account and then include it on your resume
  • Make your social media account as professional as possible, most HR heads take the time to look at accounts of applicants. We are talking about FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc
  • State what you want to do, make it crystal clear what your goal is, what you want to accomplish should be on the resume
  • If for example, you are applying as a layout artist put it at the beginning of your resume, put it on the top of the resume
  • This is where your extracurricular activities would come in, write every notable activity you did at school. Example: Official Layout artist of the college newspaper
  • Show your academic achievements if you won the art contest let it show on your resume. (Note: as much as possible it should be related to the job your applying for)
  • Include what you can do for the company, especially your tech skills, and your social media know-how, it may help you get a job because most companies nowadays are clue less about how to be seen or heard on the internet and if you know how to work the internet to your potential employer’s advantage you will definitely get hired
  • Instead of putting in your references at the bottom of the page write this instead - "References Available Upon Request" this gives you more space to write more relevant information that will help you land the job

Now that you are done reading the tips on this article, we suggest that you start writing your resume and when you’re done, save a copy and start sending it to companies who would need a fresh employee like you. Most companies need young blood for their roster and you might just be the one they are looking for. Also, don’t forget to register on PhilJobNet to increase your likelihood of getting a job. Good luck.

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Some applicants simply do not want to be branded as a sales person, they don't like the idea, they don't want to be branded as someone who is making sales as a living. If you think this way you should rethink what sales is, the sales profession is a very honorable job, a great sales person will always have a job waiting for him or her and will never have to worry about job security or lack of job opportunities.

There are plenty of job openings for the sales related job openings in PhilJobNet but these are not being filled by jobseekers. Why is this the case? We have gathered the top reasons why many job applicants avoid getting a job in sales.

Prospecting and Lead Generation
The idea of prospecting for the uninitiated sales person is scary, imagine you will be talking to total strangers and will try to convince them to buy whatever it is that you are selling. This is just another wheel in the sales process that you need to go through if you treat it as part of your job you will be more effective at it later on.

Unwillingness to Learn and Unlearn
There are companies who have intensive training before they let their salespeople out in the field or on the phones. But this is also sometimes the reason why people do not get into this kind of job. You just need to be a willing participant in the training process and you will, later on, reap the fruits of your labor once you start earning big as a salesperson.

Negative Thinker
This is a common trait everybody else suffers from, being pessimistic will not bring you success it will only limit you, and hold you down so you may not fulfill your dreams. Don't listen to the weak inner voice that is saying you can't do it, instead tell yourself that you can do it and that you are made for this sales job.

Nobody wants to be dismissed especially when they are offering something that they feel strongly about, that is why many do not even try to apply for this kind job. This is a process that you need to undergo, you could get rejected a few hundred times a day but if you persist you will eventually get the sale that you want.

This is one thing that every sales person should poses, without self-confidence, it would be difficult for any sales person to sell his product. To develop self-confidence you need to start believing in yourself and what you can do, make it a point to learn everything you need to learn about sales and then apply what you've learned in your day to day interactions and you will be surprised at how much your self-esteem has improved.

Afraid of Sales Goals
This fear of having to meet the quota usually hinders people to pursue a sales career, they are afraid of not being able to meet the demands of the sales department. Your mindset needs to change, so you could outgrow the fear of not being able to hit your target. Read books about changing your mindset and you will soon be able to turn your fear around.

No Selling Skills
Most people think and feel that they do not have the selling skills to get the job, but in reality, everyone is a potential sales person we are just not aware of it. We are sure you have convinced your parents or someone close to you to buy into your idea, maybe you have asked them to get you an item that you really want and they eventually gave it to you. That right there is a classic example of what a sales person is. Don't worry most companies have training and if they don't ask politely for training or coaching before you start selling, that will surely help you if you don't have the skills yet. 

Every business needs a top notch salesman or saleswoman and if you are one or if you become one you will always have a job waiting for you. Don't worry about the training since you will have enough time to train with the company that you wish to work for. You just need to think positive, do what is needed for the job and improve on your sales skills and your set. 
To apply for sales job opportunities, you may register now at www.philjobnet.gov.ph

Ang maghanapbuhay ang natural na landas ng isang nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral, magiging kasapi ka na ng milyon-milyong empleyado na bumubuo iba't ibang industriya ng Filipinas ngunit dahil sa mga balakid tulad ng mga nakasulat sa ibaba ay nahihirapan na makahanap ng trabaho ang maraming bagong graduate.

Ito ang mga kadalasang nagiging hadlang para sa mga bago sa paghahanap ng trabaho:

1. Kumpiyansa sa sarili
Kung mababa ang iyong tiwala sa sarali ay kailangan na malampasan mo ito sa pamamagitan ng pagsasanay sa iyong sarili, ito ang maaari mong gawin:

  • Paghahanda ng isip at pangangatawan
  • Pagsasanay sa pagsagot sa job interview
  • Tamang pagkilos at pagsasalita
  • Tamang pagsusulat ng resume

Alalahanin ang lahat ng dinaan mong pagsusulit at pagsasanay habang ikaw ay nag-aaral, dahil lahat ng iyon ay magagamit mo para magkaroon ka ng tiwala sa sarili, at isipin na kaya mo ang pagsubok na kinakaharap.

2. Tamang pananamit
Dapat ay angkop ang iyong isusuot sa iyong job interview. Kung sa opisina mag-aaply kailangan na nakabusiness attire upang maging propesyonal at katanggap-tanggap. At kung sakaling hindi sa opisina ang iyong papasukan, magsuot pa rin ng maayos na damit para maging kanais-nais sa mata ng interviewer.

3. Karanasan
Sadyang walang karanasan ang mga katatapos pa lamang mag-aral ngunit hindi ito dapat maging hadlang para sa iyong paghahanap ng trabaho. Maaari mong magamit ang iyong mga naging pagsasanay, at internship, tiyakin mong nakalagay ito sa iyong resume. Maaari ka rin mag dagdag ng kasanayan kung hindi ito sapat para mas lumaki ang posibilidad na matanggap ka sa trabaho.

4. Kompetisyon
Tulad mo maraming din ang naghahanap ng trabaho ngunit hindi dapat ito maging hadlang. Makipagsabayan ka sa libo-libong taong naghahanap ng trabaho araw-araw. Ang kailangan na gawin ay iangat mo ang iyong sarili, patingkarin ang iyong mga kakayahan upang makita ka na mga recruiters na isang aplikanteng may maitutulong sa kompanya.

5. Pera
Dahil katatapos mo lang mag-aral ay maaaring hindi ka na nakatatanggap ng allowance galing sa inyong mga magulang at maaaring nahihiya ka rin na umasa ulit sa kanila para sa iyong paghahanap ng trabaho. Maaari mong masulusyunan ito sa pagpaparehistro sa mga job portal tulad ng PhilJobNet upang makita ng mga employers ang iyong resume para hindi ka na gumasta sa pamasahe habang nag-aaply. Maaari ka rin na magpadala ng resume gamit ang email.

6. Ang trabahong papasukan
Ito ba ang madalas mong itanong sa iyong sarili? Ito malamang ay dahil sa nahihirapan kang maghanap ng trabaho sa ilalim ng kursong iyong tinapos, at dahil dito ay napipilitan kang mag-apply na lamang sa trabahong hindi angkop sa iyong pinag-aralan. Maaaring makatulong ang Philjobnet sa pamamagitan ng "Job Matching fearture ng website.

7. Hindi matanggap sa trabaho
Mararanasan mo pagkabagot o pagkainip kung halos lahat na ng iyong kasabay na nagtapos ay nakahanap na ng trabaho, ngunit ikaw ay naghahanap pa rin. Huwag kang paaapekto sa mga ganitong sitwasyon, alam mo kung sino ka at higit mong alam ang iyong mga kakayan. Manalig ka lamang at huwag titigil sa paghahanap dahil darating din ang araw na magkakaroon ka ng hanapbuhay.

8. Hindi marunong sumagot sa interview
Ang kawalan ng karanasan ang isa sa dahilan kung bakit hindi mo nasasagot ng tama ang mga tanong, at minsan dahil na rin sa kaba ay walang kang maisagot sa mga itinatanong sa interview. Magagawan ito ng paraan sa pamamagitan ng paghahanda sa tanong na maaaring lumabas sa interview. Magsanay sa pagsagot, mayroon tayong mga halimba dito sa ating website:

               How to Make a Positive Impression During a Job Interview

               Did you know that asking the right questions during a job interview can help you get the job?

Sana matulungan ka ng mga payong ito, at upang mabawasan ang mga hadlang sa iyong paghahanap ng trabaho inaanyayahan ka namin na magrehistro sa PhilJobNet. Dito ay makikita mo ang mga jobfairs na malapit sa iyong lugar at mayroon din Job Matching upang matulungan ka sa pag-aaply.

HR specialists usually look at a candidate's resume for at least 7 to 10 seconds, it may be a bit longer for some recruiters but it is safe to say that this is the average time your resume gets that much-needed attention. So how exactly do you improve your chances of getting your resume segregated and then later on considered for an interview?

These are the first few things that recruiters tend to look at, they usually underline, encircle or highlight this with a marker.

Recruiters cross references your complete name with their existing records.

Your educational background, how long it took you to finish studying, and other significant info.

Job Experience/s
Are your job experiences relevant to the job your are applying for, or do you have any additional experience that is going to be useful to the job you are applying for?

The length of time you stayed at your job. it gives them a good idea if you are going to be staying in this job for a while or if you will just be staying for a bit and then will move on to the next big job opportunity in a few months.

Companies you worked for
Names of companies, they take a look at this to find out if you have worked for a company that will give you the past experience that you could use for the job that you are applying for, and the later on they may opt to do some background check if you are considered.

Your Skill Set
The best thing to do is to highlight your skill set. Avoid words or descriptions that do not highlight your strengths, you have to chisel your resume so that it stands out from the pile of resumes that HR people have to go through day in and day out. Your resume need to stand out otherwise you will not have a chance to get to the second screening of resumes that's when they have to look at it closely.

Sa paghahanapbuhay natin iginugugol ang 8 o 9 na oras natin sa buong araw, at minsan ay higit pa dito ang ating itinatagal sa ating mga trabaho kaya dapat lamang na bigyan natin ito ng halaga at kailangan din na maaayos ang ating pakikitungo o relasyon sa mga taong ating kasama sa trabaho.



Narito ang ilan sa mga paraan upang madali tayong makipagkaibigan sa ating mga katrabaho:

Mag-share o magbahagi. Hindi kailangan na malaki o mamahaling bagay ang iyong i-share sa iyong mga  ka-trabaho, basta maaayos at bukal sa iyong loob ang pagbibigay ay makapagdudulot ito ng kasiyahan para sa tumatanggap. May ibang nagbibigay ng mga munting bagay tulad ng candy o key chain sa kanilang mga ka-trabaho, at mayroon din namang namamahagi ng kanilang mga karanasan o kwento sa kanilang mga kasama sa trabaho.

Makipag usap tungkol sa mga maliliit na bagay. Hindi mo kailangan na ikwento ang iyong personal na buhay lalo na kung ikaw ay hindi komportable sa pagkukwento nito. Ngunit pwede ka pa rin makipag usap tungkol sa iyong paboritong restoran/kainan o paboritong lugar na puntahan kasama ang iyong pamilyo, o kahit anong hilig mong gawin. Halimbawa  mahilig kang mangulekta ng stuff toys maaari mo itong ikwento sa iyong ka-trabaho. Ngunit pumili ng tamang oras para dito tulad ng tanghalian o break-time.

Humanap ng mga bagay na pagkakasunduan. Madaling humanap ng isang bagay ng kapareho mo sa iyong mga kasama sa trabaho. Halimbawa, pareho kayong mahilig manood ng basketbol o pareho kayong marunong sa sales, maaari ninyo itong pag-usapan. Maraming mga bagay na kapareho mo ang iyong mga ka-trabaho, kailangan lamang na alamin mo ang mga ito upang mas maging malapit kayo sa isa't isa.

Pag-usapan ang trabaho. Isa ito sa pinakamadaling pag-usapan, ang pag usapan ang inyong mga gawain sa trabaho. Magandang ideya ang makinig at hayaang makapagsalita ang iyong kasama sa trabaho bago ka magsalita at magbigay ng iyong opinyon.

Ngumiti. Huwag mong kalimutan ang pagngiti, ito ang isa sa pinaka-epiktibong paraan ng pakikipagkaibigan lalo na kung bago ka pa lamang sa kompanya. Ang isang tunay na ngiti ay maraming ipinapahiwatig, kabutihang loob, pagiging masiyahin at madaling pakibagayan. Kaya laging ngumiti.

Iwasan ang pagiging negatibo. Mapapansin mo na ang relasyon mo sa iyong mga ka-trabaho ay madalas na mag-uugat sa mabisang pakikipag-usap sa kanila. Kaya hanggat maaari ay huwag na huwag kang magiging negatibo sa kahit anong bagaya na inyong pag-uusapan kung ito man ay sa trabaho o sa iyong personal na buhay.

Magbigay ng palugit. Hindi madalian ang pakikipagkaibigan, gugugol ka ng panahon, hindi ito minamadali. Tulad ng marami bagay hayaan mong natural na dumaloy ang iyong mabuting relasyon sa iyong mga kasama sa trabaho huwag mo itong ipilit upang maging mas maayos ang iyong pakikipag kaibigan. 

Isang desisyon ang pakikipag kaibigan sa iyong mga kasama sa trabaho at ikaw lamang ang makapagpapasya kung gusto mong maging masaya at kaaya-aya ang iyong pagtatrabaho sa ka man mapunta. Kaya kung maaayos kang makitungo, mahinahon ang iyong pagsasalita at may mabuting ang iyong kalooban ay tiyak na magkakaroon ka ng maraming kaibigan sa lugar na iyong pinapasukan.

Stories have a strong appeal, it's very attractive, it grabs the attention of the interviewer in an irresistible way so use it wisely to increase your chances of getting hired.

Do not make up any story the best thing to do is to cite an example of the questions that is asked during the job interview. Rehearse it in your head or with a friend so when the appropriate time comes you will be able to effortlessly tell your story.

The key is to answer the question first and then tell your story after you successfully answered the question of the interviewer. Your story will be an added ingredient to the job interview that will cement your place in the company.

  1. Tell real stories about your life that you could connect with the job that you are applying for. Just make sure that the topic is relevant to the question the interviewer is asking. 
  2. You get the interview to become engaged with your story, it gives them a picture of what your life is. Have a set of stories that you can repeat or tell during the job interview, just make sure that the stories are actual and authentic. 
  3. These stories should showcase you doing something good for someone or the company that you worked for. In general, the stories that you tell should convey positivity and not the other way around. Or this could be a personal story on how you successfully dealt with a problem just like in our example below. 

Here is an example of a unique story from a single mom talking about how she copes with difficulties and challenges: 

"I was able to learn how to cope and adapt to the challenges of life the hard way because I had to raise my little boy on my own. I learned everything on my own from cleaning all my kid's stuff, like feeding bottles, giving him a bath every day, and feeding him, I learned a lot and now I am ready to face any challenge and difficulty. Doing all these I was able to prove to myself that I can make it on my own. "

For more useful job hunting tips and list job vacancies, please go to our homepage at PhilJobNet.

Kung hindi ka man nakatapos ng pag-aaral ay huwag kang mangamba. Maraming maaaring gawin para makahanap ka ng trabaho. Hindi dahilan ang kawalan ng pinag-aralan upang hindi makapaghanap ng magandang trabaho. Nagiging hadlang lamang ito kung gagawin mo itong dahil sa tuwing hindi ka nakakahanap ng trabaho. Marami kang maaaring gawin upang makahanap ng trabaho at maiingat ang sarili. 

Ito ang iyong mga dapat na gawin:

1. Magbasa tungkol sa tamang paghahanap ng trabaho. Maraming babasahin sa dyaryo, libro at internet ang iyong maaaring kuhanan ng magandang impormasyon. Kailangan na tuloy-tuloy ang iyong pagbabasa upang may mapulot na mga bagong impormasyon tungkol sa mga trabaho.


2. Magsanay tungkol sa trabahong gustong pasukin upang tumaas ang iyong tiwala sa sarili. Maging handa para sa paghahanap buhay. Maaari kang magsanay sa mga sangay ng gobyerno tulad ng TESDA o TLRC upang maging handa sa paghahanap ng trabaho. Maari ka din mag-apply sa mga employers bilang 'intern' or OJT para makakuha ng experience or bagong 'skills'. 

 3. Walang humpay na pagsasaliksik, ito ang isa iyong kailangang gawin kung gusto mong makahanap ng trabaho. Saliksikin mo ang kompanyang iyong nais pasukan upang maging pamilyar ka sa kanilang negosyo, patakaran, at mga gawain. Alamin mo ang mga bagong trabahong maari mo din mapasukan - napakaraming bagong trabaho ngayon na baka nababagay din sa'yo dahil sa iyong unique 'skills'.

4. Kakulangan sa paghahanda sa job interviews. Kapag nabigyan ka na ng pagkakataon makapag-apply, kailangang maging handa sa bawat interview na iyong pupuntahan. Mag suot ng nararapat, ayusin ang iyong resume at paghandaan ang mga maaaring itanong sa iyo.

5. Maging positibo. Ang iyong pananaw madalas ang nagiging balakid sa iyong hindi pagkatanggap sa trabaho kung iisipin mo na mahihirapan ka sa paghahanap ng trabaho dahil walang kang natapos na kurso ay talagang mahihirapan ka. Ngunit kung iisipin mo na makahahanap ka ng trabaho dahil ginagawa mo ang lahat ng paraan upang matanggap sa trabaho ay malamang makahanap ka ng trabaho. 


Sapat na paghahanda ang kailangan para lumaki ang iyong pagkakataon upang matanggap sa trabaho. Huwag mong madaliin ang prosesong ito. Simulan mo lamang sa mga maliliit na bagay tulad ng pagsasaayos ng iyong resume, at pagsasanay para sa trabahong iyong nais pasukin. 

Gawin mong araw-araw ang pagsasanay, kahit isang oras lamang bawat araw ay malaki ang maitutulong nito sa pagpapaunlad ng iyong kakayahan. Ang PhilJobNet ay patuloy na tumutulong sa lahat ng nagnanais makahanap ng trabaho, magpatala lamang sa ating website - www.philjobnet.gov.ph upang mas maging madali ang iyong paghahanap ng trabaho.

Experts say that it's perfectly fine if you are confused and do not know what job to apply for because it's  perfectly normal. Don't worry because you are not the only person who encountered this problem. There are plenty of options out there than ever before, go try visiting our website's homepage and search for different jobs that are available. You will be amazed at how many there are to choose from.


Here are the tips that we promised so you can decide which job to apply for:

Discover what you want. Self-discovery is sometimes hard, many of us don't even know what we want to do in our personal lives, what more if we are pressured to find the job that fits us, this is because we have not set aside time to find out what we want. Knowing yourself is the first step in finding the right job.

Reflect and think. You have to dedicate time to choose the right path for your career, it may take a few days, a few weeks or even a few months for you to really decide what path you want to take. Don't just grab the first job that you see on job portals you have to consider everything because this will affect your entire life, you don't want to be unhappy in the end if you chose the wrong career, so think and reflect.

Explore other jobs that interest you. In order to be happy in the job that you will be doing for many years, you have to at least shadow or become an intern or an apprentice for a professional. This way you can find out if you like what you will eventually be doing or what you will become. For example, if you want to work for a printing company, it's a good idea to work as a part-time printer, or as an intern to find out if you would like to continue working in the printing industry. You can explore any job, it's a good way to find out if you can do it for years and years to come.

Write down your strengths. To find out what you want you can start writing down what your strengths are, but don't forget to include your weaknesses, having both good and not so good traits will help balance things. Writing it on paper will make things clearer for you, sometimes this alone can help you decipher what job is the best one to pursue.

Develop your self-esteem. Once you find the job that you want, you have to claim it for yourself, don't just wait for it to be served to you on a silver platter, go for what you want, don't settle for second best. People who are not confident do not get what they are supposed to get, so practice self-confidence and you will surely get what you want, this is particularly true in getting a job.

Always be positive. If you are afraid that you may not find the right job that might just happen. If you keep an open mind and think that you will eventually find the perfect job, you eventually will. Invite good thoughts in your mind and you will surely attract good things in your life.

Don't fall into the trap of not choosing any job at all or simply choosing whatever is available because you already need to provide for your family and because you are running out of time, follow the steps that we provided to find out what job is best for you so you can prepare for it, and you may get the appropriate training if needed. Once you've decided on which job to apply for don't hesitate to register on PhilJobNet, for you to get the job that best fit your personality and character.

According to studies, dealing with difficult co-workers maybe one of the toughest things to handle on the job particularly if you are caught right in the middle of it. Some experts would suggest that you ignore these kinds of people. But sometimes it's hard to simply ignore difficult co-workers because of their function and your proximity with them.

So we decided to break down some things that may apply. First, according to the experts, we need to identify the four kinds for people who fall in this category, these are people who:
  1. Always complain- This kind of people are easy to pinpoint. You hear them talk about things they don't like and then complain.
  2. People who think they are better than everyone.
  3. Doesn't talk, shy or passive- They might be hard to spot because they don't talk, don't give a response when needed, but simply because they don't speak doesn't mean they don't think in a negative way, be cautious of these folks.
  4. Explosive- they have burst of emotions when things don't go their way.

On how to deal with them, here are our recommendations:

  1. Don't add to the fire. Don't try to change them because they will only become more aggressive, if they complain all the time, they will complain even more if you confront them. You're not even advised to influence them or change them.
  2. Know and understand them. You need to find out where they are coming from, it could be because they felt injustice or they felt that they were wronged that's why they are negative.
  3. Limit your time with them. Don't stay too long with a pessimist it could affect your well-being and your frame of mind, you might even get emotionally injured.
  4. Don't fall into the trap. Be cautious, do not be magnetized to their energy. You have to always be on your guard because their negativity may rub off on you and you may end up being like them or even worst.

Now that we know how to deal with difficult people in the workplace you may now adjust the way you interact with them, and if you find yourself being negative you can also adjust how you think and feel about certain things and situations. 

If you like this article, please share it with your friends, and if you want to find out how to get a new job or learn about job matching and job fairs simply register on our website at www.PhilJobNet.gov.ph.


Minsan kung gustong lumipat ng isang empleyado ay nakakalimot sila sa mga importanteng bagay na kailangan paghandaan. "Life Changing" ang pagpapalit ng trabaho kaya dapat laging handa ang sinuman bago ito gawin. Naghanda kami ng ilang mga gabay na tanong na maaari mong utanong sa sarili bago ka mag desisyon lumipat ng trabaho.

Itanong mo sa sarili ang mga ito bago tanggapin ang kahit anong bagong trabaho: 

  1. Kaya mo ba gawin o aralin ang bagong trabaho?
  2. Marami ka ba na bagong kaalaman na matutunan sa iyong bagong papasukan?
  3. Sapat na ba ang aking kaalaman para makalipat sa bagong trabaho?
  4. Handa ka ba matuto ng mga bagong kaalaman?
  5. Handa ka ba isangtabi ang mga lumang kaalaman upang bigyang daan ang mga bagong kaalaman?
  6. Handa ka ba sa pagbabago?

Kung ang sagot mo sa lahat sa itaas ay 'Oo', bago ka pa man magpasya lumipat siyasatin pa ng maigi ang mga bagay na ito:

Anu-ano ang mga benepisyo ng paglipat ko ng Trabaho?

  • Mas maganda ang Pasahod
  • Tataas ang Posisyon
  • Lalawak ba ang aking Propesyonal na Network
  • May ka bang Health Insurance para sa'yo at iyong pamilya
  • Mas malapit ba ito sa aking tirahan

Ano ba ang magiging epekto nito sa aking pamilya?

  • Masasakripisyo ba ang aking pamilya kung sakaling lumipat ako ng trabaho?
  • Magiging mas maayos ba ang aking relasyon sa aking asawa o mga miyembro ng pamilya?
  • Ito ba ang tamang panahon ng paglipat ng trabaho?

Umuunlad ka ba bilang tao at empleyado sa iyong trabaho ngayon?

  • Kung ang sagot mo ay 'Hindi' malamang ay kailangan mo na isipin kung ano ang iyong mga hakbang
  • Kung ang sagot mo naman ay 'Oo' maaring kailangan mo lang pagbutihin mo ang iyong kasulukuyang trabaho at gumawa ng mga bagay na hindi mo pa ginagawa dati upang maisayos ang iyong trabaho. 
  • Ngunit kailangan mo ring isipin kung ito ba ay makapagdudulot ng mabuti sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya

Gusto mo bang magpa-promote o lumipat? 

  • Minsan mas mainam na asamin ang pag-angat sa trabaho  imbes na lumipat.
  • Kung lilipat ka ng trabaho ito ba ay dahil sa gusto mo   ng iangat ang iyong estado o kaalaman. O dahil ba sa isang  pangyayari sa trabahong pinapasukan.

Sa huli ikaw din lamang ang makapagdedisiyon kung nais mo lumipat o magtagal pa sa iyong trabaho, siguraduhin lang na mas mapapabuti ka sa lahat ng aspeto ng iyong buhay. Kailangan mo din tignan ang lahat ng benepisyo at kahihinatnan ng iyong magiging desisyon. At kung handa ka ng maghanap ng bagong trabaho maaari kang mapatala bilang Jobseeker sa PhilJobNet upang mas maging madaling ang iyong paglipat ng trabaho.

Kung magtatanong sa isang negosyante, ang mabilis na sagot sa iyo ay magnegosyo ka. Ngunit kung walang kang karanasan sa pagnenegosyo panigurado ay hindi ito magiging madali.  Oo mainam na magnegosyo kung sapat na ang iyong kaalaman at kakayahan upang magsimula ng isang matagumpay na bisnes. Ngunit kung hindi ka pa handa ay mas mainam na maghanapbuhay muna habang ikaw ay nag-aaral upang sa huli ay maging matagumpay ito at makapagpundar ka din ng pang puhunan.



Habang naghahanda upang maging negosyante ay mainam na gawin ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Maghanap ng trabaho na nakahanay sa negosyo iyong nais na pasukin. Kung gusto mong pasukin ang printing business ay maghanap ng trabaho sa larangan ng printing tulad ng publishing companies, printing companies, dyaryo, packaging companies.
  2. Magsaliksik tungkol sa negosyong gustong pasukin. Tuwing gabi sa pag-uwi mo ng bahay makatutulong kung maghahanap ka ng mga impormasyon tungkol sa negosyong gusto mong pasukin.
  3. Dumalo sa mga training, seminars o workshop. Tungkol sa industriyang nais mong pasukin dahil makatutulong ito ng malaki upang maging ganap na negosyante ka.
  4. Habang isa kang empleyado, pagbutihin ang iyong trabaho. Alamin ang lahat na dapat mong matutunan dahil makatutulong ito sa iyo kung gusto mong maging negosyante.
  5. Aralin ang pasikot-sikot sa iyong trabaho. Makatutulong ito sa iyo upang maging isang mahalagang bahagi ng kompanya at pag dating ng panahon ay magagamit mo ang mga mabubuting katangian na ito sa iyong sariling negosyo.
  6. Pagbutihin ang trabaho at mag-ipon. Hindi lahat tayo ay mayroong mauutangan para gawing puhunan sa negosyo kaya habang nasa ilalim ka ng empleyo ng kasalukuyan mong pinapasukang kompanya ay mag-ipon para sa iyong pangarap na negosyo.

Marami sa atin ang gustong maging negosyante ngunit hindi lahat ay sapat ang kaalaman at ang lakas ng loob, magandang suriin ang sarili kung nais magnegosyo at paghandaan ang pagiging negosyante. Habang kumakalap ka ng kaalaman tungkol sa pagnenegosyo. At kung sa tingin mo ay hindi para sa iyo ang pagnenegosyo maaari kang maghanap ng trabaho dito sa job portal natin, ang PhilJobNet.


There is no shortage of available jobs in BPO's or Call Centers. The only concern is that many applicants do not pass the initial job interview because of not being able to speak and understand the basic English language that's why we decided to give some practical tips on how you can increase your chances of getting hired in the BPO and Call Center industry.

This will not involve difficult lessons or exercises. We simply want you to watch English movies, TV shows and Youtube videos. By doing so you will learn basic English to help you get a job in the BPO industry or Call Centers. You no longer need a college degree to start working for them. Most employers don't even require their workers to speak with an American accent (or other accents) in order to get hired. As long as you can understand, and speak it properly during a conversation, you'll find yourself working for a BPO company in no time.
Here are a few things that you can do in order to learn to speak basic English:
Watch English Movie & TV programs
  1. Avoid watching local shows for now. And YES, that includes Korean telenovelas dubbed in Filipino. We are not saying that you totally ignore them but if you would really like to get a job in a Call Center or BPO, you need avoid them first and start watching English shows (preferably American) in your spare-time so you can be familiar with their 'accent' and speech patterns.
  2. Make sure to watch what you love otherwise you will get bored and eventually stop watching.
  3. Do not watch old English movies. Stick with contemporary mid 1990's - 2000's movies or tv shows because their communication styles are still the same up to this day. This is also one good way to catch up with IMDB's list of top movies and TV shows.
Imitate English Speakers
As you watch English shows try to imitate how they say the words in front of a mirror. You could practice saying your favorite lines or phrases from movies. Try to copy how the speakers or actors say the words and phrases especially during long conversations.
Read captions / subtitles
Make sure that the caption that you are reading is correct,  don't read the misleading ones. Movie transcripts are available online just in case that the movie of your choice does not have it.  Just use Google to search for it to get your hands on a movie transcript.
Watch Youtube Videos
It doesn't get any better than having free lessons. Watch videos on Youtube that teaches how to speak in English, simply type in "English Lessons" and you can watch all the videos that you want. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of free courses in Youtube that are very useful. 
Practice with a Friend or Relative
Get a friend or relative to help you practice speaking and conversing in English. The more casual it is, the better. Say for example when you go outside to eat in a fastfood restaurant, have him / her talk to you in English when figuring out what you should order. Tell them a story about how your day went in English. This may be funny most of the time until you two get the hang of it - but believe us it will increase your confidence in using the language.
Remember, the goal is to make you comfortable in speaking English. Some people tend to laugh when using the language in a normal conversation with their friends or relatives. The more comfortable you are in using it, the better chance that you'll sound natural with it which is what most recruiters look for in an ideal candidate.
Not all call centers and BPOs cater to American clients, that's why you can also watch British and Australian shows because there is an ever increasing number of companies who are putting up offices here in our country. This simply means that there will be more jobs available for Filipinos which doesn't require college degrees.
We hope that this article helped you. If you are ready to apply as a Call Center agent or for other roles in the BPO industry, simply register on PhilJobNet.gov.ph to start your job search.

Ang bawat isa sa atin ay mayroong iba-ibang pinahahalagan sa buhay. Minsan labis nating binibigyang pansin ang isa o dalawa lamang sa mga sangkap ng ating buhay.

Tamang pagbibigay ng oras sa pribadong buhay at hanapbuhay ang kailangan. Nararapat na mayroong tayong nakalaang panahon at enerhiya para sa mga magkakaibang bahagi ng ating buhay.

Ito ang mga aspeto ng buhay na kailangan nating bigyan ng panahon at halaga:




Ang iba sa atin ay paghahanapbuhay lamang ang binigbigyan ng higit na panahon at atensiyon kaya napapabayaan ang ibang aspeto ng buhay tulad ng pamilya at kalusugan.

Lagi nating tandaan na marami pa na mga importanteng bagay sa ating buhay. Iba-iba at magkakahiwalay ang aspeto ng buhay na kailangan bigyan natin ng atensiyon at halaga. Kung nais ninyo ng balanse na buhay-trabaho at personal na buhay, siguraduhin ninyo na daanan ang lahat ng mga aspetong ito.


Dahil sa teknolohiya maraming trabahong maaaring mawala sa hinaharap, ito ang listahan ng mga trabahong malaki ang posibilidad na mawala dahil sa patuloy na pagdating ng teknolohiya 'Artificial Intelligence' at mga 'Robot'. Base ito sa artikulo ng Freelancer.ph

Narito ang mga trabahong malaki ang posibilidad na mawala pag dating ng panahon:

1. Taxi Driver
2. Financial Analyst
3. Surgeons
4. Chat Support
5. Sports Journalist
6. Financial Journalist
7. Bookkeeper
8. Accountant
9. Bank Teller
10. Construction Worker
11. Doctor

Pero huwag mabahala dahil may mga bagay na maaaring gawin upang hindi ka mahirapan kung sakaling isa ka sa maapektuhan nito sa hinaharap. Siguraduhin mo lamang na gagawin mo ang mga sumusunod na bagay:

- Patuloy na pag-aaral ng mga bagong kaalaman
- Matuto ng bagong kasanayan
- Bukas na isip kung sakaling kailangan magpalit ng trabaho

Sadyang hindi mapipigilan ang pagbabago, kailangan lang na handa tayo sakaling maganap ito. Hindi mo dapat na katakutan ang mga ganitong panukala para sa hinaharap bagkus gawin itong batayan lamang. Ang PhilJobNet ay taus pusong tumutulong sa lahat ng nais magkaroon ng trabaho, mangyaring magreshitro ng walang bayad sa ating website- www.PhilJobNet.gov.ph 

Ang mga kababayan nating nagpupunta sa ibayong dagat para maghanap buhay ay madalas nakatitikim ng tagumpay dahil marahil sa mga ilang kadahilanan na nagpapabuti ng kanilang kondisyon upang maging matagumpay sa trabaho at sa buhay.

Narito ang mga kadahilanan ng mga manggagawang nagpupunta sa ibang bansa kaya sila ay nagiging matagumpay:

Mataas na sahod. Sa maraming pagkakataon ay mas mataas ang nagiging sahod ng ating mga kababayang nag-aabroad kaya sila ay nagkakaroon ng pagkakataon na umunlad.

Panibagong Lugar. Dahil ibang lugar ang napupuntahan ay natututong makibagay sa mga kostumbre at kaugalian ng bansang pinuntahan. Inaaral at isinasapuso ang mga positibong natutunan upang matagumpay na makapamuhay at makapaghanapbuhay sa ibayong dagat. 

Bagong Mindset. Kasabay ng bagong lugar ay nagbabago rin ang pag-iisip ng ating mga kababayan. Bago pa lamang umalis dito sa atin ay naitatanim na sa isip na kailangang pagbutihin ang trabaho at pakikisama sa lugar na pamamalagian ng ilang buwan o ilang taon kaya kung naroon na ay nagiging madali ang pag-angat.

Para sa mga anak o pamilya. Ito ang madalas at pinakamalakas na dahilan kung bakit nangingibayan. Mas malaking kita para sa pamilya kahit na anong hirap at pasakit ay titiisin para lamang matupad ang mga pangarap at makapagbigay ng pangangailangan ng mga mahal sa buhay.

Natututong mag-ipon. Kung hindi man likas na masinop pagdating sa pera ay natututo ang ating mga kababayan na mag-impok para sa kinabukasan. Natutuhan ng mga kababayan nating napupunta sa ibang bansa ang mag-ipon ng pera upang ipadala sa Pilipinas at upang buoin ang kanilang mga pangarap.

Kung matutunan natin ang mga mabubuting asal at kaugalian na ito ng ating mga Overseas Filipino Workers ay magiging matagumpay din tayo dito sa ating bansa. Hindi na siguro natin kailangang pumunta sa ibayong dagat para lamang matutunan ang mga bagay na ito para sa ikauunlad ng ating pamilya, mga mahal sa buhay at ng ating sariling bansa. Ang PhilJobNet ay tumutulong sa lahat ng nagnanais na makapaghanapbuhay sa kani-kanilang sariling lugar, mangyaring magrehistro sa ating website bilang Jobseeker upang ikaw ay makahanap na ng bagong trabaho.

Good employees have good habits that help them with their work that makes them more successful than other people in the company.

Employees who practice good habits usually think about the rewards or the outcome of their actions that make them finish tasks and produce more than their co-workers. You might be wondering what these great practices are that makes them better than other employees. Do they have a secret? No. But they have a common trait.

According to Charles Duhigg the author of The Power of Habit, it's all about the QUEUE and REWARD system. These two things are what builds up a habit and when you've developed a good habit, this will translate to DISCIPLINE and WILL POWER.

A perfect example of this are "Lunch Breaks". This usually falls at 12 noon for us, Filipinos. The trigger is the time which twelve high noon and the reward is the food that you will eat at lunch time that's why there is regularity with this type of behavior. Not only is it time to have lunch but it is mandated that you have lunch at exactly the same time everyday otherwise it may disrupt the company operation. While lunch time may not be a very good example as it is a natural thing in the workplace and gives us an idea on how the concept of trigger and reward work.

Duhigg said that will power is developed through good habits, because of triggers and rewards and the use of these two things could help employees become more productive at work.

If faced with a challenging task, you should decide ahead of time what your queue and reward would be. For example, at 9 am you will set a daily alarm on your phone that says "make one call" so you can start calling a sales prospect at that exact time and when you're done you could reward yourself with a bar of chocolate or a quick rest room break. This will make the task easier and more rewarding. Say to yourself, "I am awesome". Over time you can increase the number of prospects that you call. You decide what your rewards and triggers would be but to make sure just put them in place to make tasks easier to accomplish.

Finally, if you have done this for more than a month you wouldn't need the alarm on your phone to remind you to call your prospects or you might not even need a reward once the habit is ingrained in your brain. Try it, this will most likely work wonders for you.

It is said that whatever we FOCUS on, that's what we usually get. So instead of focusing on the difficulties of getting a job,why not focus on getting the job instead? Focus on the positive side of things- and keep in mind that there are hundreds if not thousand of jobs waiting for you!


Go through this list to help you FOCUS on getting a job:

1. Think of the job that you REALLY WANT TO DO and only apply for that.

2. What are your STRENGTHS? What are you good at? Always remind yourself and mention it during your interviews.

3. What experiences or skills do you have that you could use in the job that you're applying for? Include these too during your job application interviews.

4. Be SPECIFIC. Commit to what you want to be. You must clearly define what you want.

5. Don't just accept any type of job interview that comes your way. Make sure that you're really interested in doing the work which usually involves your personal interests as well. Remember, recruiters can easily tell if the job isn't really that interesting to you during your interviews.

6. On the other hand if your goal is to simply get a job now,  you can always grab the opportunity to apply for it (and learn to love it later) as long as you're content with the work schedule, travel distance and the company work culture.

7. Prepare for the job interviews, tests and other processes that are entailed when applying for a job. No one got hired by simply showing up. There are several more steps.

Knowing what job you want to get will help in focusing your efforts on getting that job. Be straight forward about it and exert all your efforts in order to get a job. All you need to do is to start looking for it. Here at PhilJobNet we provide a wide variety of job openings from our accredited employers. All you need to do is log on to the website and type in a keyword in the search field which will give you a list of job openings. For example, you can type in any of the keywords such as 'nurse'88, receptionist, office clerk, janitor or driver which will you give you the closest matches for the latest job openings.

Remember, FOCUS on getting a job, and you will surely get one real soon.


Most employees tend to relax with their jobs and simply do what is being asked without aspiring to become better in what they do. They go about their daily tasks without thinking or exerting much effort to become a top notch employee.

Most self-improvement life coaches have proposed that we do the following to become twice as better in our jobs:

1. Routine can actually be a good thing. Only if you are using it to create an activity that constantly improves your skills and abilities. You should constantly try to improve and aspire for more but having a routine could also be a trap if you're simply doing the same thing over and over again without checking your progress. It's important to put on the breaks once in a while to see where you are in the process of achieving something new with your line of work. 

2. Aspire for more to get ahead on your job. Don't stay confined in you're comfort zone. Breaking out of it broadens your horizon and gives you a chance to expand and flex your skills and abilities. 

3. Think outside the box. Not being able to solve new problems for the company may get you stuck. Practice thinking outside of the box and you can help solve many issues of the company. 

4. Believe in yourself. This is possibly one of the best things that you could do at work. It gives you the confidence to accomplish near impossible things that you once thought you couldn't handle. 

5. Plan ahead. Give your mind some room to sort out things in advance. Having a plan will make you more prepared to face your tasks and projects.

6. Follow through with your tasks to make sure that it's still relevant. Make sure that you still check on your old projects to see if it's serving its purpose. If this is no longer the case, you may want to offer a helping hand to make it work again.

You don't have to outdo others, all you need to do is to outdo what you have accomplished in the past. It's not even being number one in your field. It's simply about self-improvement that is constant and steady.

Hindi biro ang paghahanap ng bagong trabaho kaya kung ikaw ay mayroong trabaho sa kasalukuyan pero nais mo ng lumipat, mabuting manatili sa iyong trabaho habang ikaw ay naghahanap pa ng malilipatan.

Pero kung mahal mo naman ang iyong trabaho at gusto mong tumagal ng mahabang panahon dito, maigi na alam mo ang mga ginagawa ng iba upang mapanatili sila sa kanilang trabaho: 

1. Sumunod sa mga patakaran. Hindi ka maliligaw ng landas kung palagi kang sumusunod sa mga patakaran ng kompanyang iyong pinasukan. Aralin ang mga patakaran at pamantayan ng iyong pinapasukan upang manatili sa trabaho. 

2. Maging masipag. Magiging madali para sa iyo ang magtagal sa trabaho kung ipakikita mo ang iyong sipag hindi lamang kung kailan kailangan kundi araw-araw.

3. Maging positibo. Bukod sa napapansin ng iyong mga katrabaho kung ikaw ay negatibo mabuti kung ang iyong pananaw sa buhay at trabaho ay laging positibo.

4. Makisama sa mga ka-trabaho. Dahil araw-araw mo silang nakakahalubilo ay magandang maging mabuti ang iyong paikitungo sa kanila.

5. Tumulong sa mga gawaing labas sa iyong job description. Isa itong magandang paraan upang hindi mawalan ng trabaho dahil lalong mapapansin ang iyong halaga sa organisasyon.

6. Iwasan ang pagrereklamo. Madalas ang mga taong mahilig magreklamo ay nakapagbibigay ng hindi magandang impresyon sa kanilang mga employers at ka-trabaho. Mas maigi kung solusyon ang iyong maibabahagi sa kompanya imbis na reklamo lamang.

7. Magtimpi ng mga radikal o hindi kanais-nais na opinyon. Mas mabuting wag na lamang magsalita dahil hindi ito makabubuti para sa iyo kung gusto mong pa rin na manatili sa iyong trabaho.

8. Dumating sa tamang oras. Minsan hindi maiiwasan ang mahuli sa trabaho ngunit wag mo itong ugaliin dahil malaki ang magiging epekto nito sa iyong kabuuang kalagayan sa organisasyon.

Kung gagawin mo ang mga suhestiyon na ito ay malaki ang posisbilidad na magtagal ka sa iyong trabaho. Laging isipin at gawin ang ikabubuti ng iyong pinapasukang kompanya dahil mapapansin din sa kalaunan ang iyong mga idinudulot na kontribusyon.

Have you ever wondered why some people are having a hard time getting hired while others are having no trouble at all?



Here are the 4 Reasons Why you're probably not getting a job:

1. YOU EXPECT BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN - It may be that you're not expecting to get the job in the first place. You're just there for the interview and you are not expecting anything. Deep inside, you expect that you will not get the job and that something WRONG will happen. To fix thi, you have to start looking for good things that that will happen out of the interview. Start visualizing how you will be able to ace the interview and how easy it is to pass all the tests that you will have to go through.

2. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO RESPOND PROPERLY TO THE INTERVIEWER'S QUESTIONS - The minute you get thrown an expected question you immediately panic. Your first reaction is already in defense of yourself, that's why you're unable to answer the questions properly. You beat around the bush and you're not able to answer the question correctly. You totally freeze and you end saying "Uhm" or say something absurd during the critical part of the interview. To remedy this, you need to be practice answering possible questions that may crop up during the actual interview.

3. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE UNEXPECTED QUESTIONS OR SITUATIONS - Expect the unexpected, you probably heard this phrase before. There is really no way to expect the unexpected all you need to do is just be prepared. Preparation is the key ingredient in job hunting you should never be lax about it. If you are given an unexpected question or you are in an unexpected situation. It's best to take a second before you answer the interviewer's question to make sure that you are able to answer it correctly. Notice how beauty pageant contestants pause before they answer the question, you can do that too, take a pause and then repeat or rephrase the question of the interviewer before giving your answer.

4. YOUR PRIDE - It may be an uncommon obstacle in getting a job but it can greatly influence your interest in a job. Say for example if you see your level of education as higher than what the job require, you may end up not applying for a certain job even if you're interested in it. In the end, you will end up the losing the opportunity to get hired and possibly further lose the chance to get a higher position in the company because you failed to apply and get hired for the job opportunity. Be open to jobs that may lead to greater things, practice seeing things that other job applicants don't. Look at what will be and not just what is, see the potential of a job opening and not just its present value.

If you see yourself in any of these reasons, then maybe it's time for you to evaluate yourself and adjust accordingly.  Please take the time to change your mindset and actions to ultimately land a job.